Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    10 puzzles of varying marks (3-8 marks), Maximum 50 marks. Time 60 minutes.No OMR sheet. You have to work out in the answer book and write the final answer at thespace provided on the first page. This probably means that they will check whether you haveactually done them.

    (1) Two stations connected by railroad. Trains start every hour from each station to the other ,at the same time. A Train takes 5 hours to reach the other station. How many trains will atrain meet during its journey?

    (2) A weighing balance of unequal length bars. One kilogram on left pan is equal to 8 melonson the right pan. One kilogram on right pan equal to 2 melons on the left pan. What is theactual weight of the watermelon?

    (3) A big cube painted read on all 6 sides. It was cut into 27 smaller cubes by 6 straight lines.How many of the smaller cubes painted red on 3 sides, 2 sides, one side and none?

    (4) 6 shoes of three brands and 24 socks of black and brown colours. How many shoes andsocks to be taken out in dark to get a matching pair?

    (5) 5 glubs killed by 5 knights. The slain 5 glubs are laid on the ground with from head to toesin a line of 200 ft. There is a gap of 5 feet between each successive head and toe. First,third and last of the glubs are of same length and so as second and fifth are of each height.Find the height of each glub?

    (6) If a cyclist takes 3 mins in the direction of wind for a distance of 6 m and 4 minutes againstthe direction of the wind. Assuming the cyclist applies same force on the pedals at all times,find the time taken by the cyclist in No wind?

    (7) A cart driver at the quarry picks the stonecutter from the ferry station every morning at 6:00am. If one day the stonecutter arrives at the ferry early and walks towards the quarry, hemeets the cart driver on the way and together they reach the quarry 20 minutes early. Atwhat time did they meet each other?

    (8) a) 1,2,3,5,16, __.

    b) 1,2,3,8, __, 224.

    (9) Temperature of 5 days recorded. Their product is 12. Find the temperatures?

    (10) A, B, C, D, and E - They have stories to tell about who went for a circus. 2 are liarsand one is true. Only one went for circus and who?The question paper will be taken back now?.

    English Test:

    Time: 30 minutes; No. Of Questions: 45, OMR answer sheet.

    A few questions (5 ?6) based on a small comprehension passage (simple)

    Fill in the blanks with suitable words: You need to know the correct word meanings to find the

    suitable answer.

    Find the wrong one among a group of sentences.

    Find the correct one between two sentences.

    Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verbs, adverb, prepositions, correct tense, (of / by / to / in /

    on ) etc

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