Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

     The pattern of the test was ....
    1) 10 puzzles 60 minutes. The puzzles were relatively easy.All were direct models.
    2) then an english test for 30 min containing 45 questions like paragraphs and synonyms..easy if ur good

    Here's how the paper looks....

    1) Two trains one passenger and oher freight are travelling on parallel tracks in opposite directions. After some time the passenger train overtook the freight train..wats the speed of the the passenger train compared to the other train...

    2) Its abt mixtures.. A bottle is filled up to half with some liquid..another bottle double the capacity of the first one is 1/4th filled with liquid. water is poured in both the bottles and shifted to a third bottle. wats the concentration of the liquid present in the final mixture..

    3) small probability problem 

    4) direct from shakunthala devi no 45 something for charities..(puzzles to puzzle you)

    5) The transposew of the age of an person is other person's age, a condition like 5A=6B and B's Age is 10 times that of another person(C). find out the ages of each.

    6) simple arithmetic basing on equations like 
    paniter +plumber=1700 and other such equations we have to find out individual amt for each thing.
    (data may not be exact just rough figures..) 

    7) There is a route N in which some stations were present..few stations were added to the route and this
    added 46 sets of tickets.
    a) how many stations were added?
    b) how many stations initially.

    8) reasoning problem . three winning groups mororean sororean and midrorean we have to find out.. who belongs to wat group basing on some conditions..

    9) a puzzle based on the situation as to whos what..
    the brief story goes like this.. a person is killed, a witness, a poilce officer, judge,murderer, hangman and some conditions and names we have to tell whos what..

    10) reasoning...
    wat group does a person belong to depending on the conditions given by three people. one of whom always speaks truth the other always false and the other..a bit of both..

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