Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

     Aptitude Questions

    Hai All
    I had given my INFOSYS test on 16 may'04 & interview on 17 may I had attempted 8 out of 10 questions in written
    & answered the only Q. asked in the Interview I m joining INFY on 26th July @ bangalore .

    Let me tell u for selection both WRITTEN & INTERVIEW r consideredIf u hav just crossed the cut off in written to be able to appear for interviewur interview must go very good & outstanding along with it, ans. all the puzzles asked in the interview correctlyIf ur Written goes very good, just above average performance in Interview can let u go through INFOSYS

    In short follow the steps below:
    1) Try to attempt those Q. which have more weightage like Q.'s carrying marks 8, 6
    2) Ur score must be more than 35 out of 50 marks for good chances
    3) It doesn't depends on how much Q.'s u hav attempted but depends on the no. of marks they carry
    4) NEVER leave the rough sheet BLANK, try to solve all the Q.'s u hav attempted on it clearly & even those also which u have copied from surroundings (Hummmmmm!!!!!)
    5) here is a TRICK, use the time that is 30min. given for English Section, to solve the PUZZLES. Bcoz ENGLISH SECTION has nothing to do with SELECTION, but REMEMBER they will take Q. Paper of puzzles from u after 1 hr., so WRITE DOWN some Q.'s on ur Answere sheet so that u can solve them during the ENGLISH SECTION time.
    6) Avoid Cutting & corrections in answere sheet, it gives a BAD impression of COPYING, Only when u r sure write down the ans. then
    7) In interview Take ur time to solve the PUZZLE, if u don't able to Ans. the 1st one they will ask u another & so on upto 3 Puzzles, in fact they just check ur presence of MIND
    8) Be prepared for the follwing Q. in the Interview
    -Tell me about yourself
    -ur project (in brief, to see ur way of persentation)
    -ur role model
    -ur family background
    -Most imp. ur Hobby
    -Achivements u have written in Application Form during the written test
    In fact they ask everything u have written in Application Form during the written test, so be prepared for it

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