Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



     1 A man is going to a wedding party. He travels for 2hrs when he gets a puncture. Changing tyres takes 10mins. The rest of the journey he travels at 30 miles/hr. He reaches 30mins behind schedule. He thinks to himself that if the puncture had occurred 30miles later, he would have been only 15mins late. Find the total distance traveled by the man

     2 A car is traveling at a uniform speed. The driver sees a milestone showing a 2-digit number. After traveling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the same digits in reverse order. After another hour the driver sees another milestone containing the same two digits separated by a zero. What is the average speed of the driver? 

    Ans :  45 kmph

     3 There are 3 societies A, B, C. A lent cars to B and C as many as they had already.After some time B gave as many tractors to A and C as many as they have. After sometime c did the same thing. At the end of this transactioneach one of them had 24. Find the cars each orginally had. 

    Ans: A had 39 cars, B had 21 cars & C had 12 cars

     4Alpha, Beta Gamma, Delta and Epilson had birthhdays consecutively. Delta was older than Epilson by 2 days. 
    The difference in the number of days between Alpha and Gamma was equal to Beta and Delta. (Alpha was older than Gamma). Gamma's birthday was on a Wednesday. 
    Find on which day the others have their birthdate.

     5 Adding 1/4 of the time from midnight to the present time, to 1/2 of the time from present until midnight, gives the present time. what is the present time. 

    Ans :9.36 plz check


    Passage followed by 4 questions (passage on some men being lean, tall, muscular, fair, rich, employed)

     7 Another complex question

     8 Find length and colour of serpent
        if not green or 35m long, then it is 55m long
        if not black or 45m long, then it is brown
        if not black or 35m long, then it is 55m long

     9 Three man A,B,C went in three direction and had stolen a mule, a horse and a camel they ware caught by C.B.I and arrested . During their interrogation they gave the  following statements. 

    A: B had stolen a horse 
    B: A and C are both lying and I had stolen nothing. 
    C: A is lying and B had stolen a mule 

     10. One who had stolen a camel is telling lie and one who had stolen a horse is telling truth. Among A,B,C who had stolen which animal ? 

    ans : 

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