Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. There was a burglary in a jewellery shop. Police got hold of three suspects ? Sam, Tommy and Ram. Each one of them told ? ?One of the other two did it. I did not do it.? On inquiry police found out that there was one thief & Tommy was lying. Who was the thief amongst the three suspects?{Ans: Tommy}

    1. A wall clock goes slow by 10 mins in an hour. In an hour by the wall clock, a table clock goes fast by 10 mins. In an hour by the table clock, an alarm clock goes slow by 5 mins. In an hour by the alarm clock, a wrist watch goes fast by 5 mins. All the four clocks were set to correct time at noon. What will the wrist watch show at 6 PM.?{6P.M. ? please cross check. I am not very much confident with this answer}

    1. Complete the series

      a)      46,256  ,  3125  ,  256  ,  27  , ________  ,1

      b)     3  ,  10  ,  7  ,  8  ,  ______  ,  12  ,  9  ,  16

                        {Solution: Series a:->  6^6 , 5^5 , 4^4 , 3^3 , 2^2 , 1^1

              : Series b:-> 1st element + last element = 19

               2nd element + 2nd last element = 19 ?..

              so blank will be 11 (8+11=19)}

    1. A ball falls from a height of 180 feet. It rebounces to 1/10th of the previous height. What will be the total distance covered before the ball comes to rest?

    1. I went to the market to get stamps of denominations 2P, 7P, 10P, 15P & 20P. For three types of stamps I was supposed to get 5 each & for the other two types I was supposed to get 6 each. Total cost of stamps was 3 rupees. Which stamps were 5 each & which were 6 each?

    1. Man says ? ?Sum of my age & ages of my 3 distant cousins is 50. All our ages are prime numbers?. Find ages of the cousins. [Condition: 1 is not to be considered as prime number] {Solution: 3, 2, 2 Man?s age is 43}

    1. The petrol tank of a car can store 12 gallons of fuel. There was a leak in the fuel tank. After refueling, the driver drove at 50mph for 4 hours after which he ran out of fuel. How much fuel was lost? [Condition: Car runs 25miles per gallon] {Ans: 4 gallons}

    1. There are three teams ? DoIt, ActIt & ThinkIt ? playing basketball in a championship. Three friends are speculating about the result:

                1st : Either DoIt or ThinkIt will make it

                 2nd : DoIt is not going to make it

                 3rd : Neither ThinkIt or DoIt will make it

                 Only one of them turned out to be correct. Which team won? {Ans: ActIt}


    1. There was a question which stated good names of four names & jumbled up their nicknames. We were supposed to find out the appropriate nicknames. I don?t remember the exact conditions. But final answer was

    Anand -> PERICH

    Anindya -> DUMMY

    Madhavan -> ZOMBIE

    Murali -> MADDY

    {In case you get these options, use this combination blindfold}

    1. There was another problem regarding 5 international students speaking different foreign languages. Certain conditions were give & we were supposed to find out who spoke/ didn?t speak which language.

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