Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1) There r 2 cities A, B.Trains start at each stn towards the other at each hour-hour time. It takes 5 hrs for a train to reach other city. Ass. All the trains travel at same speed, how many trains does a train might have met when it reaches B from A.

    2) Arvind's balance is wrong. A 1kg wt on left pan balances with 8 melons on right, but a 1kg wt. on right balances only 2 melons on left. Assuming all the melons r of same wt, what is it (the wt.)?

    3) A cube of 27"x 27"x27" is painted with red clr no all its faces.Small cubes of 3x3x3 are cut from this.Of these cubes how man have
    a) 3 of their faces colored red
    b) 2 of their faces colored red
    c) 1 of their faces colored red
    d) none of their faces colored red

    4)I entered the room, my sister is sleeping. I decided not to turn no the light. I have to take my pair of shoes and socks from the drawer. There r total 6 shoes of diff brands and 24 socks half of them black and half brown.What is the least no. of shoes and socks i hafto take to make sure that i have a perfect pair of shoes and socks of same 

    5)Geegles(Don't remember the term, but G..... means an animal) tried to enter England.The knights killed five of them and placed them in a tail-to-head manner. All the geegles covered a dist of 200ft. there is a dist. of 5ft b/w a geegle's tail and the next ne. The ht(from tail to head) of the first is same as that of the third and fifth; the second and fourth has the same ht.Each has a ht that is 10ft more or 10ft less than that of its imm. neighbours.All their hts are 
    multiples of 10.What are the hts of each geegle.

    6)A man riding a cycle agnst wind takes 4 min to reach next village from home, and he takes 3 min to return home riding with the wind.If there is no wind how much time does he take to reach home from village?

    7)A cardriver starts daily from a quarry to reach a ferry-lead at 6:00 AM,there he picks up a miner and takes him to the quarry.One day the miner woke up early and travelled across the river; once he reached the ferry-lead he started walking towards quarry.the cardriver who started at usual time met him on the way and took him to quarry.The miner reached the quarry 20min earlier than usual.At what time did the driver meet the miner?
    (I gave all the data what was given in this ques. on that paper,I 
    couldn't find a soln for this. )

    8)Next term in series
    a)1,2,3,5,16_____ (not sure abt the last term)

    9)I asked the weatherman, what was the temp in the city in the last 5 days. He said " I didn't rem exactly but i know theyt r all diff and the product of the temp.s is 12". what were the five temp.s?

    10)Only one of A,B,C,D,E saw the circus yesterday.I asked all of  them, they said like this.I know that each of them made two true and one false statements.Who saw the circus? And the statements followed(Didn't rem)

    1) 6 trains
    2) 250 gms
    3) a-8 b-12 c-6 d-1
    4) 4 shoes and 3 socks
    5) g1=g3=g5=40 , g2=g4=30
    6) 3 3/7
    7) Don't know( it might be like some x hrs before usual time at 
    quarry like that but i am not sure)
    8)Not sure u try to solve
    9) -1,-2,1,2,3
    10)Not sure

    One imp thing is that rough work for each question is imp(eg: formula 
    etc).One of my friend who did the same no. of questions as me was not 
    selected bcos he did all the rough in one page.

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