Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. A passenger train takes twice as long while overtaking the freight train as when it takes while travelling in the opposite direction. How fast is the freight train than the passenger train ?
    [Ans : 3 times] [ Marks : 3 ] [similar prob.Sakuntala Devi 102]

    2. Two buckets A & B. B double the size of A. A is half full of wine while B is 1/4th full of wine. The remaining bucket space is filled with water. When the two bucket contents are put into a container C, what is the fraction of wine in the mixture ? [ANS: 1/3] [ Marks : 3 ]

    3. [very easy].....charges of 6 men r given in a order.....Plumber + carpenter=1000,carpenter + painter =5300. carpenter + mason =1000, painter + hanger =900,electrician + hanger = 1200, electrician + mason =2100....figures r not correct but u can calculate easily....Find the charge of all 6 men. [ Marks : 6 ]

    4. A's age is tranpose of B.The difference between their ages is twice C's age. B's age is 10 times of C. Find ages of A,B,C ? [Ans: A=54, B=45, C=4.5] [ Marks : 6 ]

    5. Out of 100 people in 10 doesn't study any subject. 83 studies Physics, 75 studies Chemistry. Find how many study both ? [Ans:68] [ Marks : 3 ]

    6. Some new stations were added as a result of which 46 new tickets were added. Find :
    (a) Value of 'some'.
    (b) No. of stations initially there. [Ans : 2, 11] [ Marks : 6 ]

    7. I gave a beggar 1/2 of my money + 1 cent, to another beggar 1/2 of my remaining money + 2 cent and to the last beggar 1/2 of my remaining money + 3 cent...leaving me with 1. How many money did i have initially ? [Ans: 42] [ Marks : 5 ]

    8. A recent murder case centered around the six men, clam, flip, gront, herm, mast, and walt. In one order or another these man were the victim, the murderer, the witness, the police, the judge, and the hangman. The facts of the case were simple. The victim had died instantly from the effect of gunshot wound inflicted a shot. After a lengthy trial the murderer was convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged.
    ? Mast knew both the victim and the murderer.
    ? In court the judge asked clam his account of the shooting.
    ? Walt was the last of the six to see flip alive.
    ? The police testified that he picked up gront near the place where the body was found.
    ? Herm and walt never met.
    What role did each of the following play in this melodrama ?
    a) Murderer
    b) Victim
    c) Judge
    d) Witness [ Marks : 8 ]
    From Stat 2:
    Clam can't be Judge, Hangman, Victim.
    From Stat 3:
    Walt can be the Murderer and Flip the Victim.
    Walt can be the Hangman and Flip the Murderer.
    From Stat 5:
    Walt cannot be the murderer, because, irrespective of who Herm was, Walt would have met Herm in that case.
    Thus, Walt is the Hangman and Flip the Murderer.Also, as the Victim and the Hangman never met, Herm is the Victim.Thus, now from Stat 2: Clam is either the Witness or the Police.
    From Stat 5:
    Gront is the Witness, since he cant be the Judge or the Police. Thus, Clam is the Police. This leaves only one option for Mast : The Judge. These role assignments do not contradict any of the given 5 clues. Clam Flip Gront Herm Mast Walt
    Murderer ** YES ** ** ** **
    Victim ** ** ** YES ** **
    Judge ** ** ** ** YES **
    Hangman ** ** ** ** ** YES
    Police YES ** ** ** ** **
    Witness ** ** YES ** ** **
    9. There r 3 speaks truth(S) false(N)...and the other sometimes true and sometimes false(M) but not in the same order. After a race.... A said: i speak truth, C made me lose, B is winner B said: A is winner, C is false C said: I did not made A lose, B is winner. Which category (S, N or M) does each belong to ? [ Marks : 8 ]

    The problem was something like this....very easy if u have done this type of problems b4.

    10. I am seaching for D. For this i should know to which group D belongs to. The groups are...UTI..always speaks truth YUMI..always false GRUNDI...sometimes true and sometimes false. I asked three people A, B , C each belonging to different group. They replied.....
    A said: I am not UTI, D is YUMI
    B said: I am not UTI, D is UTI
    C said: I am UTI, D is UTI too. [Ans: UTI (this was the only one which i was not sure) 
    The problem was something like this...very much similar to the previous problem but here u will have to find out which group does D belong too. Just search for this types of problems...if u practice two or three...u can attempt this type of puzzles with ease.


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