Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1) A person went to a town from a village.He sold half the water melons he had and half a melon.He then returned to village with 1 water melon.How many water melons did he he have initially?( 3marks)
    ans: 3

    2)a costs rs5/ pounds,b costs rs3/ pounds.if they r mixed and sold for rs 6 , we get a profit of 33 1/3 %.etc,

    3) 5 athletes A,B,C,D,E participted in olympics.they gave the following statements:
    A:" I am never last".
    B: c is always 3.
    C: D is never first.
    D: A is always behind E.
    E: I am second.
    Due to modesty or some other reason , the persons who won the gold and silver medals lied. The three worst runners told the truth. Write the arrangement.

    4) dont remember.

    5) Data abt persons,their professions, thier cars were given.Some statements were given .we have to find the profession and the posession of cars of the persons.

    6)A father said if u reverse the digits of my age u will get my cons age.An year ago, my age was twice the age of my son.Find the present ages of son and father.

    7)A farmmer has 5 crops peas,kelly,c,b,d.He has to sow 3 crops at a time each year.If c is selected then b must also be selected.K must not be sown in consequent years.optionsweregiven.the answer was c.

    8)there are 12 black rats and 1 white rat in a ring.Where should the cat start eating if the last rat it eats is always the thirteenth white rat.
    Dont remember the exact verbose.

    9)A hen costs 5 pounds , a rhost( spelling mistake) costs 3 pounds, 3 chicken costs 1 pound.If atleast one bird is selected how many hens , rhosts, chickens must be selected to get total no. of birds as 100 and total amt 100 pounds.

    10)A number when taken one third,one fourth, one fifth and one seventh of it will always give a whole number.whats it?


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