Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1.There are two trains,the passenger train takes double time to pass thegoods train,then what is the speed of goodstrain comparing to passenger train.

    ANS:4 times(I Think)


            where a and b is the speed of two trains

    =>a:b=4:1; i.e  4 times

    2.Some new sations are added,tickets are available for each station to other station,46 new tickets are added,so how many stations are added and how many no.s of stations before.

    ANS:2 new stations

        11 old stations

    3.One person angazed some persons for repairig of his house,so he charged them as :
      carpenter and masion 1100;
    painter and plumber 1700;

    like this 8 relations are given,and it is asked to find out charge of each peson,it is very eacy by solving equations,takes 5-7 minutes.

    4.One lady went for a shopping,on the way one person wants some fund for his trust,so she gave one cent more than half of her money,after some time again another person came for  some she gave two cents more than half of her money,again another person,she gave three cents more,after that she has only one cent in her purse,then how much she has when she went for shopping.

    ANS:42 cents

    we have to consider this problem from last:

    1+3=4-give to 3rd person


    8+2=10-give to 2nd person


    20+1=21-give to 1st person

    21x2=42-total money in her purse when the lady went for shopping

    5.There are two containers A and B,A has two times more capacity than B,in A 1/2 of wine is there,in B also that much wine is present,then those two containers are filled up with water,and the two mixtures is poured to third container C,then wat is the proportion of wine water in container C.

    ANS:2:1(not sure,u check it)

    6.Two persons A and B are there,if we reverse A's age,then it is the age of B,B's age is 10 times more than C's age,one more co ndition is given,wat i remember the difference between A and B's age is 9yrs,then what is the age of A,B and C.

    ANS: A=54 yrs

         B=45 yrs

         C=4.5 yrs

    7.One murder is happened,6 peoples are there,judge,witness,police,murderer,victim

    and hanger,6 names are given aand some conditions are there,we have to find out who is who,it is very easy,just make a table and u wl find out who is who with in 5 minutes.

    8.There are three groups of tribes,one group is always say truth,other goup always lies,and 3rd group alternates,one day says truth,other day lies,some conditions are given,we have to find out who is who,it is also very easy.

    9.Here also same question as in above,northerian,southerian,ortherian like three groups,we have to find out who is who.

    10.Sorry,I did not remember the last one.


    1.They ask the full form of my college.

    2.About my curriculum activites i.e participating in debate,essay,quiz competitions,gave a topic that a couple is there,wife is earning bt husband is sitting idle,they asked if i am for or against of this topic,wheni said FOR,they told me to say against of that,give me 30 sec,then i said against of that for 1min

    india is male dominating socity,male persons are more igoist than woman,she can take proper care of her family,manage it properly etc.

    3.Give two puzzles,one i am approaching,other one i can answer(average speed prob).

    And the first puzzle is one person standing in a center of room,one bulb is hanging from the ceilling,then what is the height of the room,may be from the shdow of bulb and the person we can know the height of the room using trigonmetry.

    4,Then they asked why i want to shift to s/w from my field,i told there is more scope,better opportunities,better growth both personal n company,getting chance of learning new s/w etc.

    5.Then they asked what i was dsoing in last 8 months,i jreplied i prepared for different public sectors n s/w companies,INFY interview is my 1st interview.

    6.Then they askd me what i want to know about INFOSYS,then i asked them about the growth plan of INFOSYS in near future,then with whom we are interacting ver much and what type of interaction etc.

    Just sit in relaxed postion,response cooly,hv a smile on ur lips,u wl definitely get it.

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