Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1) [8 Marks]
    A cube is painted with red color in all sides. It was cut into 27 small cubes. Then how many
    a. 3 side red faces? (2marks)
    b. 2 side red faces? (2marks)
    c. 1 side red faces? (2marks)
    d. no painted faces? (2marks)

    Draw a Cube in the will find,
    a. 3 side red faces = 8
    b. 2 side red faces = 12
    c. 1 side red faces = 6
    d. no painted faces = 1

    2) Distance between two stations is 5 miles. Every one hour, A train starts from station-A to station-B.
    At same time another train starts from station-B. Speed is same for both the trains.The same process continues.(i.e, every one hour a train starts at both ends) How many trains a train can met when it reaches it destination?

    Ans: 5 trains (Check it), I answered 4 trains but 4 is a wrong answer.

    3) 6 shoes of 3 different brands and 24 socks of two colors black and brown in a box. How many shoes needs to be taken to get a same brand and how many socks needs to be taken for getting a pair of dark color socks?
    Ans: 4 shoes and 3 socks.

    a) 1,2,3,8,__,224.
    b) 1,2,3,5,16,__

    5) In a see-saw 1kg on left side equals 8 melons on the right side. Then, 2 melons on the left side equals 1kg on the right side. The right side of the see-saw is a longer one. Find out the weight of the melon?
    (Its a confusing problem, since words are played in the question paper. Very difficult to understand this problem.)

    6) Sum of 5 glubs is 200. Glubs at position 1,3,5 has equal weight. Glubs at position 2,4 has differing weight.
    Weights of Each glub is a multiple of 10. Neighbouring glubs differ by 10.

    Glub 01 - 40
    Glub 02 - 30
    Glub 03 - 40
    Glub 04 - 50
    Glub 05 - 40


    Glub 01 - 40
    Glub 02 - 50
    Glub 03 - 40
    Glub 04 - 30
    Glub 05 - 40

    7) A man reaches a place at 6'O clock picked by another person to a quarry. one day he comes early and walks towards the quarry, picked up by the other man on the way and reaches the quarry 20 minutes earlier. when was he picked up?

    8) Temperature on 5 days are differing ones. Product of temperatures is 12. Temperatures can be rounded-off.
    Find each day's temp.

    0.5,1,2,3,4 ( I wrote this answer)
    -2,-1,1,2,3 ( My friend told this answer)

    9  A cycle goes at a speed of 4mph by far the wind and it goes at a speed of 3mph against the wind.
    What is the speed of the cycle when there is no wind?                                                           [ 4 marks ]

    10)Eknath, Balu, Dinu, Anand and another person gives 3 statements each.2 statements are correct and 1 statement is wrong. Find out, Who went for the circus?                                                                             [ 6 Marks ]

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