Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012




    1] Passenger train and Freight train passing on parallel tracks. Passenger takes takes twice as much time to pass the freight train when moving in same direction and also teh same time when moving in the opp direction. How much faster is the passenger train than the freight train(ans: 3 times)

    2] There are two troughs A & B. B is twice that of A. A is half fulled with wine and half with water and is thorougly mixed. B contains a quarter of wine and rest water and thoroughly mixed.  all these contents are put together in a third trough/container and mixed. How much wine to water ration will be there in C?(ans: water:wine::3:1)

    3] A woman was going down a road then meets some beggar, some ppl asking for charity(something like this- the quest was) ... to the first person she gave 1 cent more than half of her money in her purse. to the second person she gave 2 cents more than half of what was left in her purse and to the third she gave 3 cents more than half of what had left in her purse and she was left with a penny. find the initial amt in her purse(ans: 42 cents)

    4] There are N railway stations and each provides tickets to all the other railway stations. if some stations were added then 46  sets of tickets were required to be printe

        a) How many is the "some"(ans 23 -i think not sure)

        b) How many stations were there intially(2)

    5] there was a problem i cant remember properly but it said, a man paid rs 1100 to mason and carpenter, rs 3200 to carpenter and electrician and so on. there were 6 equations and 6 variables. it was asked to find out how much he paid to each (quite simple)

    6] There was a murder story which gave 6 names and gave some statements. we were asked to find out the murderer, judge, victim, witness (sorry i cant remember the question properly)

    7] A womans age was such taht when it was reversed we got her husbands age. There difference of ages were twice as much as taht of a third person C. and womans age was 10 times taht of C. Find tehre individual ages ( ans: hus:54, woman:45, C: 4=)

    8] (i can remember the next three questions- sorry again but still will give u idea of the questions) there were three grps sororean(always spoke truth), midrorean(spoke truth or false), nororean(always spoke false). Three persons were given and tehy spoke somehting which i cannot remember and we had to find which grp each belonged to. this and the next quest carried more marks than the others.(this was little complex)

    9] again almost the same quest but this was simple.

    3 grps UTI- always spoke truth

              some starting with m - truth or false

              some starting with n - false

    these three grps were marsian grps and a man doman lived on mars. we had to find which grp doman belonged to. three martians were asked this quest who told the foll and we had to find whcih grp doman belonged to.

    there was given that a man doman who is a

    A: I am not a uti

        Doman belonged to m

    B: I am not a uti

       Doman belonged to n

    C: (somehting given)

       Doman belonged to uti

    10] i cant remember the 10th quest.

    My interview questions:

    1] Tell me something abt urself

    2] ur hobby? (i said sports mainly watching and playing cric)

    So she grilled me on cric by asking quets like who is the pakistan coach, who is the top test team in the current cric ratings

    3] she will always ask u to organise a event like i was asked to organise a cric match for an organisation. she told me what will i do tell me frm scratch(prepare this well i mean this type of quest this is definitely asked)

    4] My BE proj

    5] My extra curricular activities

    6] My achievements till now

    7] she asked me what other sport do u like so i said football so she asked me yest (denmark vs czech's) euro 2004 score. she grills on ur hobbies so say whatever u knw very well.

    8] she asked me how do i pass my time.

    9] Then she asked 1-2 puzzles to everyone but she dint ask me i dont knw why i think i dint give proper ans to earlier quets so she dint test me on my anal thinking  :-( I think maybe this is a bad news for me

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