Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1)      A diamond was stolen. The police arrested three thiefs and each one of them told as follows:

    Bob : one of the other two stole. I did not.

    Scott : one of the other two stole. I did not.

    Tommy : one of the other two stole. I did not.

    The police found out that tommy was lying and caught the thief. Who was the thief?

     ( Any kid can answer this ) ans: Tommy

    2)      A man filling his vehicle with 12 gallons starts his journey and (when he starts he) finds that there is a leak in the tank . his car travels at a speed of 50kmph. After 4 hrs , his fuel tank is empty. If for each gallon of fuel could cover a distance of 25 kms , how much gallons of fuel has been wasted?

    Ans :  4 gallons

          B?coz , in 4 hrs the vehicle could?ve traveled 200 kms but with that amount of gallons and its capacity he could?ve traveled for 300 kms but due to the leak he has traveled only for 200 kms ( 100 kms not traveled ) . Hence, 100 / 25 = 4 gallons were wasted!

    3)      In a party each of the men dances with three women and each of the women dance with three men.Each 
    of pair of the men have two dancers in common.Find the number of people who attended the party.
      Ans : 8


    4)      If xy=z and 1>=y>x then which of the following is/are not true :

    Ans : ( 5 options (expressions ) are given out of which the answer is y=z )


    5)      This one is a very long question but easy if u have time to read and solve!

            There are 5 towns?nalanda, Thrilothika , ( cant remember their names. )So say, N, T, S, R, M. Out of these , 4 are capitals, 3 industrial towns , two harbours, two hill stations. Now some data are given involving longitudes and latitudes such as, one of the hilltowns donot lie in the longitude in which the harbour which is also an industrial town lies and so on. And also, the population of the towns is involved from which the following 4 questions should b answered.


    I can remember only the last two questions :

    ·        The town which is a harbour, industrial town and capital -----T

    ·        The town that is not  a capital------Nalanda


    6)       Very simple one. There is a plant in the middle of the garden which doubles every day. If it has taken for it 50 days to cover the whole garden , how many days would have taken for it to cover half of the garden.

    Ans: 49


    7)      There are 5 players who?ve won the first 5 places. The 5 players ,each tells  a statement about the position of the players. Here , the gold and silver medalists lie and the others tell the truth. Their statements are as follows :

    ·       A :   I am not the last

    ·       B :   C is the third

    ·       C :  A is behind E

    ·       D :  B is not the second

    ·       E :  ( can?t remember )

    Now, arrange them in the order ( First to Last )

    Ans :  DBEAC


          8 )   There is a manager, buyer, cashier , clerk and a floorkeeper. These five people are Anna , Bob, Clark , Davis and Elvis . floor keeper and clerk eat together b/w 11.30 to 12.30. the other three eat b/w 12.30 to 1.30. Anna & Clark are sisters. clerk & cashier share the same bachelor's apartment. Anna & Bob eat lunch together and play a game during lunch. One day , Davis came early from lunch and found that Elvis had gone early and so reported that to the manager.


    Ans :  I got the answer as manager = Anna, buyer = Elvis, cashier = Bob , clerk = Davis and  floorkeeper = Clark  but my friend has got it as manager = Bob, buyer = Anna, cashier = Elvis , clerk = Davis and  floorkeeper = Clark . So better check the answer!

    9)    Quarter of the time from midnight plus half of the time to the next midnight equals that time. What is the time?

    Ans :  9.36  {  let time be x;  ¼( x-0) + ½( 24-x) = x ) }


    10)                       Find the value of X , Y  and Z in the following summation :


                             X    X     X     X

                                   Y    Y     Y     Y

                                   Z     Z     Z      Z


                       Y   X    X     X      Z   

                           Ans  :  X=9 ; Y = 1 ; Z =8


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