Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1)A man starts walking 10 km along X road,turns left and walks 10 km along Y 
    road ,turns left and walks 10 km along Z road ,turns left and walks 15 km 
    and turns left and walks 5 km along a road.Which road is he in now?

    Ans:Road Y

    2)Uncle H and aunt C go to the bazaar.Uncle H purchases a hat and suit for 
    Rs.15.Aunt C's hat cost the same as uncle H's suit.For the remaining amount 
    she purchased a dress and commented that her dress costed Rs 1 less than his 
    suit.Further she added that if her hat had cost 1 and a 1/2 times his hat's 
    cost then both of them would have spent equally.Uncle H asked "Then what 
    would've my hat costed?"

    Ans:Im not sure.I dont remember my answer.

    3)Puzzles and Teasers - puzzle on page 27.

    4)Mammu got bored playing with marbles and arranged them in an order such 
    that each row had one less than the row below.If she had 55 marbles how many 
    were on the bottom row?

    Ans:10 - was asked in prev qp

    5)During a party 12 guests were there and each clinked his glasses with the 
    other.How many clinks were heard totally?


    6)Man A lies on monday,tuesday and wednesday.Man B lies on thursday,friday 
    and saturday.On one particular day A said "Yesterday i lied".then B said 
    "Yesterday i lied too".On which day were these statements made?


    7)The captain of pirates came home after spending 6 years in prison and said 
    : When i went to prison i was 5 times more older than my son.Now im thrice 
    as old as him.When he turns double his age i will be just twice as old as 
    him.What was the pirate's age when his son was born?

    Ans:I wrote 23 .Im not sure

    8)A spider spins a web such that each day he spins exactly the same amount 
    as it had spun until the previous day and finishes the web in 30 days.If two 
    spiders work in the same manner how many days will they take?

    Ans:I dont remember my answer.I think i wrote 24.

    9)X ,Y and z each took a test.etc....I dont remember it.But very easy.

    10)An easy puzzle though it carried 8 marks.

    Out of 1200 ppl 80 were shortlisted and interviewed the next day.Some 
    were asked a simple puzzle and others simple technical qs.

    Im listing below the questions i was asked:

    1)Tell us about urself.

    2)What are ur strengths?

    3)Which do u consider ur best quality?

    4)What is ur goal in life?

    5)Suppose u come across a problem which u arent able to solve,what would u do?

    6)What was ur recent difficulty u encountered?How did u overcome it?

    7)(Since i was a lecturer for some time)Why did u change ur job?

    8)Why dint u like lecturing?

    9)Did u attend any other selection process in any other company?(I told them i attended but dint get selected in two of them)

    10)What do u think are the reasons for not being selected at those places?

    11)Are u working anywhere at present?(I told yes)

    12)Tell us about ur current job.

    13)Some qs reg my current job - I gave them a brief outline about the 
    projects being done int he company i presently work for.

    14)Suppose ur friend is having a wrong opinion abt something how will u try to change her?

    15)What makes u want to come to Infy?

    16)Do u have anything to ask us?

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