Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1.Reading comprehension = 5 questions 
    2.correction of sentencs=5
    3.correct verb completion in the senteces=10
    5.sentecnes(exact meanings that match the sentence)

    And there are 2 other sections in English .

     1 A Couple decided to travel a north country side .so they decide to travel a minimum amount on car the first day and the second and sbsequent day  a distance of 20 miles .If they travel a total amount of 1080 miles.Find 
    he distance travlled on the 4th day and the 9 day.

     2 A card boarb of 34 * 14 has to be attached to a wooden box and a total of 35 pins are to be used on the each side of the cardbox.Find the total number of pins used .

    3 During a Pizza buffet where A eats more times 2.4 than B, and B eats 6 times less than C.find the leat number of times all the three has to eat.

     4 Last Year mu cousin came to my place and we played a game where the  loosing one has to give one choclate to the person who won the game .At the  end of the vacation,i.e the day my cousin was leaving she counted number of
    games that i won an she won.At last she gave me a total of 8 choclates even  though she won about 12 games.Find the mumber of games that we played.

     5 Amir,shahrukh,sunil and salman were quarelling among them saying ecan ones daughter madhuri,rani,junhi.manisha is more beautiful than other .so they decide to have a poll. each one has 5 votes to be distributed among the 4 and highest vote that can be given  is 3 and the of votes are different from rest (if salman gives votes like 2,2,1.0 ,this cant repeat with others).

    The other restrictions are :

    salman decided that it will be prudence to share equal marks between all the freinds daughters.
    sunil gives Highest vote to his daughter rani. amir gives equal marks to Manisha and juhi.
    shahrukh doesnt give any marks to his daughter as he thinks his daughter is haughty enough for 
    other to vote . Give the votes poled by others to Madhuri.


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