Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. Two people X & Y walk on the wall of a go down in opposite direction. They meet at a point on one side and then go ahead. X after walking for some time, walks in opposite direction for 15 mtrs. Then again he turns back and walks in the original direction. What distance did Y walk before they met again, if X walks 11 mtrs by the time Y walks 8 mtrs. 

    2. Problem from SAKUNTALA DEVI 'PUZZLES TO PUZZLE U'. Problem no: 23( Walking back to happiness.) 
    The walking time : 55 mins. 

    1. There are twelve consecutive flags at an equal interval of distance. A man passes the 8th flag in 8 seconds. How many more seconds will he take to pass the remaining 4 flags ? 

    2. A person has to cover the fixed distance through his horses. There are five horses in the cart. They ran at the full potential for the 24 hours continuously at constant speed and then two of the horses ran away to some other direction. So he reached the destination 48 hours behind the schedule. If the five horses would have run 50 miles more, then the person would have been only 24 hours late. Find the distance of the destination. 

    3. A boat M leaves shore A and at the same time boat B leaves shore B. They move across the river. They met at 500 yards away from A and after that they met 300 yards away from shore B without halting at shores. Find the distance between the shore A & B. 

    4. A person was going through train from Bombay to Pune. After every five minutes he finds a train coming from opposite direction. Velocity of trains are equal of either direction. If the person reached Pune in one hour then how many trains he saw in the journey ? 

    5. Food grains are to be sent to city from go down. Owner wants to reach the food grains at 11 O' Clock in the city. If a truck travels at a speed of 30km/hr then he will reach the city one hour earlier. If the truck travels at a speed of 20km/h then he will reach the city one hour late. Find the distance between the go down to city. Also with which speed the truck should travel in order to reach at exactly 11 'O clock. 

    6. Praveen, Ranjan, Shiva went to dinner in the city. (There were some conditions given as someone always take tea after dinner where as some take coffee after dinner whereas someones choice is inspired by the choice of others. One question of this type is given given in the MIND TEASURES -By Summers.) 
    Ans: Ranjan & Shiva 

    7. There are five persons A,B,C,D,E whose birthdays occur at the consecutive days. Birthday of A is some days or day before C & birthday of B is exactly the same days or day after E. D is two days older than E. If birth day of C is on Wednesday then find out the birthdays of other. 

    1. Statements given by different family members. 
    1. B is my father's brother 
    2. E is my mother-in-law. 
    3. C is my son-in -law's brother 
    4. A is my brother's wife. 
    A,B,C,D,E are the family members. Who made above statements and give their relations. 
    Ans: A,B are couple. 
    E is B's brother-in-law. 
    D is B's son. 
    C is B's brother 
    Ans: statement Member 
     1 D   2 B    3 E      4 B 

    2. e means belong. 
    All members of E e D. 
    All members of D e A. 
    Not all members of D e E. 
    Not all members of A e D. 
    All members of C e both A and B. 
    some questions are asked about relation. use venn diagram. 

    3. Fill the empty slots. Three FOOTBALL teams are there. Given below the list of matches. you have to fill the blanks at appropriate star symbols 

    played won lost draw Goals for Goals against 
    A 2 2 *0 *0 *7 1 
    B 2 *0 *1 1 2 4 
    C 2 *0 *1 *1 3 7 

    the slots with stars are answers. 4 marks 
    BC drew with 2-2 
    A won on B by 2-0 
    a won on C by 5-1 

    4. Three girls are discussing about the party which they attended in the past. 1st girl: Party was on May 8Th , Thursday. 2nd girl: Party was on May 10th ,Tuesday. 3rd girl: Party was on June 8th Friday. Conditions: 
    1.One girl's statement totally wrong. 
    2.In one girl's statement only one part is correct( means it may be date, year or month). 
    3.In another girl's statement except one part , every thing is true. 
    Find the Day the party held. (5marks). 
    Ans :May 8th Tuesday may be correct) (ans may be MAY 10 SUNDAY. check once again)

    5. A ship is away from the shore by 180 miles. A plane is traveling at 10 times speed of the ship. How long from the shore will they meet? (200miles) Distance travelled by plane = 1/10 distance traveled by ship + 180 

    6. Every station in N railroad issue every other station's ticket. some stations are added. Now they have to issue 46 more tickets. say the No. of stations after and before added. 
    Ans. let N(N-1) = t;
    (N+x)(N+x-1) = t+46;
    trail and error method x=2 and N=11 

    7. 3 persons say these statements. A says either Democratic or liberal wins the elections. B says Democratic wins.C says neither democratic nor liberal wins the election. Of these only one is wrong. who wins the election? 

    8. A clock showing 6 o'clock takes 30 secs to strike 6 times. How long will it take to strike 12 at midnight ? 
    Ans.66 secs. 

    1. A software engineer starts from home at 3pm for evening walk. He walks speed of 4kmph on level ground and then at a speed of 3kmph on the uphill and then down the hill at a speed of 6kmph to the level ground and then at a speed of 4kmph to the home
    If he reaches home at 9pm . What is the distance on the way 
    ans 24 km

    2. A bag contains certain number of files, Each file is numbered with one digit of 0 to 9. Suppose the person wants to get the number between 1 to 2000(or 7000 check). How many minimum no. of files should be present in the bag. 

    3. A + B + C +D = D + E + F + G = G + H + I =17. If A = 4. What are the values of D and G. Each letter taken only one of the digit from 1 to 9. 
    ans: A = 4 ,B = 2, C =6, D = 5, E = 3, F = 8, G = 1, H = 7, I = 9. 

    4. Six persons A,B,C,D,E &F went to soldier cinema. There are six consecutive seats. A sits in the first seat followed by B, followed by C and so on. If A taken on of the six seats, then B should sit adjacent to A. C should sit adjacent to A or B. D should sit adjacent to A, B or C and so on. How many possibilities are there ? 

    5. Suppose there are four grades A, B, C, D. (A is the best and D is the worst) 4 persons Jack, Jean, Poul and Lucy wrote the final exam and made the statements like this 
    1. Jack: If I will get A then Lucy will get D 
    2. Lucy: If I will get C then Jack will get D. Jack grade is better than Poul grade. 
    3. Jean: If Jean doesn?t get A then Jack will not get A 4. Poul: If Jack get A, then Jean will not get B, Lucy will get C, I won?t either A or B If all the above statements are true, then which person will get which grade.

    6. Each man dances with 3 women, Each women dances with 3 men. Among each pair of men they have exactly two women in common. Find the no. of men and women. 

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