Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    To get a dress 4 her marriage a girl sends her friend to the market to get her a wedding dress, she tells her 

        friend    to buy a dress of  x feet & y inches. but her friend gets confused & buys a dress of y feet & x inches,,this 

        dress what her friend bought is 5/8th of the original dress. what was the orignal measurement?

        ans..7feet 4 inches.

    A cube of volume 1000cm3 is divided into small cubes of 1cm3 ..& all the outer surfaces are painted
    how many 

         cubes will be there with (atleast one side painted or no side painted)..

         ans  :  512 & 1000-512 ( check......)

    A man has to work 4 70 days..each day he works he get x(say) Rs,  & if he doesnt go y(say) RS r all

        after  70 days he gets z(say) Rs, how many days he went to the office,,

          ans:35days   ( i dont remember the figures   x y z)

    A woman has x Rs she spends 3/8th of the amount on shopping .& 1/2 of what remains on beautyparlour.she 

         keeps 1/2 of what remaining & spends a/b(say) part on furniture.. now she is left with b Rs.. how much did she 

         have earlier.

         ans : 42 Rs

         2 ques from critical reasong( analytical reasoning ) ( 6 marks each),, 2 were tough & 1 was 

   from Barons GRE(old book)( take critical reasoning book from akku IMS  BOOK).

     7.There r 3 people lucy jourge & matthew, each gave 3 statements abt there ages , abt others 2s ages and the 

         difference in other 2s ages. now consider any 2 of each of these 3 statements to be true.. now find out what r

         their  correct ages.
    ans:      22 23 25

    In a circuler track a tortoise & rabit started in opp. direction.. rabit started only when tor. covered 1/8 th of the 

         track  after that rabit started with some speed ( given dont remember) & covered 1/6 th of the track..till that 

         time tor continued his journy with same speed.. with what speed should rabit now move so that it may reach      

         before the starting point..

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