Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1 Each alphabet A,B.. Z is a constant.A=1,B=2,C=3^2,D=4^9 n so on.Each letter is assigned a value -the position of that letter raised to the value of preceding alphabet.(C = 3 ^B,D= 4 ^ C n so on)Compute the numerical value of (X-A)(X-B)(X-C)....(X-Y)(X-Z).

     2 Mr. T has a wrong weighing pan.One arm is lengthier than other.1  kilogram on left balances 8 melons on right.1 kilogram on right  balances 2 melons on left.If all melons are equal in weight,what is 
    the weight of a single melon?

     3 In a game of dice, 2 dice thrown at each turn.The score at each  turn is taken as the product of number on 2 dices.there were five  turns(rolls).second roll is 1 less than first n (like this ... the  relationship between third n second,third n fourth,fourth n fifth )  were given.Find the score in first roll,second roll,third roll,fourth 
    roll.(jus giving an idea abt question and don know the exact  relationships).

    PURPLE:these are always poisonous if red are.
    YELLOW:six months in a year they are safe.
    GREEN: always safe to consume if purple are poisonous.
    RED:six months in a year poisonous.

    The colors are colors of mushrooms available.AT this time  which one is safe to consume?

     5 5 letters A,B,C,D,E represent different digit given; AB * CD = EEE and CC = sumthing (i don remember). 
    AB* D = ? (get 2nd relation from other frnds)

     6 G: I am 22
    M = G + 2
    H = G - 1
    H: I am not the youngest. difference between M & H is 3 G is 25.

    M: M is younger than G.
    G = 23.
    H = G+2.
    Mr.G,Mr.M,Mr.H made only one statement false.

    Find the ages of all three. (I am not sure abt the statements jus chk it out with others)

     7 Tom sent some stamps to KIM and JOANE. tom asked kim abt how much each of them got kim replied 'Joane got three more than half of wat she got,if  i had kept three more than half of wat she got.' tom said'OK how much did u keep?" Kim replied "jus 2 more than wat jone got!".

    How many stamps did TOM send?

     8 A cyclist got his tyre punctured when he had covered two third of  the distance to be covered.Finishing on foot,He takes twice the time  taken before to reach the destination.How fast does he ride than 

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