Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012



     1 A car is traveling at a uniform speed. The driversees a milestone showing a 2-digit number. After
    traveling for an hour the driver sees another milestone with the same digits in reverse order. After
    another hour the driver sees another milestone containing the same two digits with a zero in
    between(0). What is the average speed of the driver.

    Ans:  45 kmph 
     2 Mr. ANYMAN left ANYTOWN by car to attend a wedding at ANYCITY. He had been driving for exactly two hours when the car got punctured. It took his driver exactly ten minutes to change the wheel. In order to play safe
    they covered the remaining distance at a speed of 30 mph. consequently, Mr. ANYMAN was at wedding half an- hour behind schedule. Had the car got the puncture only 30 miles later , I would have been only FIFTEEN minutes late he told the driver . How Far is ANYCITY from ANYTOWN.

    Ans:  120 miles

     3 There are three persons A,B,C. one day they set out in different directions and each one steals an animal.
    The animals are camel, horse and a mule though not in the order. A CBI officer catches them and on
    interrogation he has the following statements:

    A says: B has stolen a horse
    C says: A is telling wrong, B has stolen a mule.
    B says: A and C are both telling wrong. I have stolen nothing.

    The person stealing a camel tells wrong while the person with a horse tells right. So tell which person
    steal which animal. 

    A: Camel 
    B: Mule 
    c: Horse

     4 There are 3 societies A, B, C. A Lent Tractors to B and C as many as they had already. After some
    time B gave as many tractors to A and C as many as they have. After sometime C did the same thing. At
    the end of this transaction each one of them had 24. Find the cars each originally had. This question was
    bit differently asked with the same thing.

    A had 39 cars, 
    B had 21 cars 
    C had 12 cars 

     5 Alpha, Beta , gamma, delta and epsilon are friends and have birthdays on consecutive days though may not
    be in order. Gamma is as many days old to Alpha as Beta is younger to Epsilon. Delta is two days older
    then Epsilon. Gamma?s Birthday is on Wednesday. Tell whose birthday is when.

    Alpha: Friday 
    Beta : Saturday 
    Gamma: Wednesday 
    Delta: Tuesday 
    Epsilon: Thursday

     6 The quarter of the time from midnight to present time added to the half of the time from the present to
    midnight gives the present time. What is the present time?

    Ans:  9hrs past 36 minutes AM

     7 A girl was on a vacation when she happened to notice a snake. The snake was either black, brown or
    yellow in colour and 35, 45 or 55 m long. She makes the following remarks:
    Don?t remember exactly but the answer I wrote was 55 m
    and brown colour snake.

    The remaining two questions were logical and lengthy . I could not get time. Anyways one was relating to six
    persons are from six places and professions are given.  u have to match each person along with the profession 
    and his place.

    And one question was relating to various characteristics such as a tall men, lean men, muscular
    men, rich man, employed , fair skinned and not fair skin. The relation between the various characteristics
    are given and based on that u are to find answers to a subset of question such as
    A: if the unfair men is muscular whether he is employed or not.Like this 4 questions are there. And options are
    given. U are to tick the answer which can be derived from above relationships.

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