Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012

     1.There are 111 players participating in a singles tennis tournament. The player who is loosing will be out of the tournament. For each and every match, One new ball is taken. Find the no. of balls required for the entire tournament. ans:110 

    2.Two trains are crossing each other. the speed of one train is given. Calculate the time for the engine of one train crosses the other train.. chk. the question correctly.. it is available in sakuntala devi's "puzzle 2 puzzle u" 

    3.Anan with her son went for shopping.. she met her husband's mother's only daughter-in-law's sister's husband. find the relation between anan and the mentioned person. ans: anan-->sister's husband 

    4.Question on sets: In a city,there are 23080 people. 30% read "a" newspaper. 35% read "b" newspaper 
    40% read "c" neewspaper 1/3 of total read both a and b 25% read both b and c 34% read both a and c 
    1/3 read all the three. find. 
    1.the no. of persons who read a only.(approx,. 4000+) 
    2.b only(0) 
    3.c only 
    4.none of the papers 

    5. Question on finding the "day" six persons are there.a..f a:the day b4 yesterday is either friday or saturday. 
    b:today is saturday. c:today is not saturday but either friday or saturday. d:day after tomorrow is not tuesday. 
    e:...... f:........ answer:friday 

    6. Question on finding who is familiar with which language.. some five names are given. and five statements are given. 
    analyze all the statements .. e.g.. "a" knows somewhat eng but not either urdu or tulu.. 

    7. I have got some money in my bag .(which is stolen after shopping I and II). I spent 10% of my money for shopping (I) For second time,10% of the remaining money is spent for shopping (II) The total bill amount=Rs.18. Find the amount which will be remaining in the bag? 

    1. An arrangement of 8 persons namely (Afrin, Mun, John, Rider, Mark, Bal, Smith, ) sitting around around a table (circular or not was not mentioned) with some conditions. 8 marks

    2. Every station in a rail road issue every other station's ticket. Some stations are added. Now they have to issue 46 more tickets. The number of stations before and after addition is ?

    3. A girl is at twelve. Her mother's age is forty five years. The girl demanded a bi-cycle upon which the mother told to give her one, when the age of the mother is three times that of her daughter. When will she get the bicycle?

    4. There is a large cube pained red on all side. Six-straight cuts are made resulting in 27 small cubes.
    State how many cubes have:
    3 sides colored
    2 sides colored
    1 sides colored

    5. A boat is going downstream. A man follows the boat to some extent and then comes back upstream to the point from where he started. It took him 10 mints to return back, At this time a hat fell in the river and started floating downstream to which the man again chased and got it within 1000 yards.Find the speed of the current.

    6. There is a class of students where one third were under 12 one half were under 13 and 6 were eleven yrs.
    The number of students between 11 and 12 were equal that of between 12 and 13.
    Find the figure!

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