Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1.Robert,raj and rasul always take dinner together.after
    dinner each 
    will order either coffee or tea.

    (a) if rasul orders coffee, raj orders what robert

    (b)if raj orders coffee,rasul orders what robert
    doesn't order

    (c) if robert orders tea,rasul orders what raj orders
    who orders always same drink?

    (i) rasul (ii)rasul&robert

    (iii)all (iv)------- ans:all

    (2) major raj ,his brother ,daughters and son are
    always playing
    mixed doubles

    (i)mj.raj brother is playing across the net directly
    opposite to
    mj.raj's daughter. 

    (ii) mj.raj's son is playing diagonally across the net
    of the worste
    players sibling.

    (iii)each team made up of best and worste player of
    the slot.
    who is the best player?

    (a)mj.raj (b)his brother (c)his son (d) insufficient

    (1) there are nine cards numbering 1-9.

    (i)card 5 is in centre

    (ii) card 9 is in row in which card 5 is there

    (iii) card four is in same column in which card 9 is

    (iv)card 1&card 6 adjacent to each other

    (v) sum of each row is equal to 15 only

    (vi) sum of each diagonal is also 15

    (a) nine cards are arranged in three rows and three

    (*) adjacent means two cards are in same row or same
    column next
    to each other.

    *) note: consider all possible answers

    (i)which of the following are definetly adjacent to
    each other 

    (ii) which two cards do not come definetly adjacent to
    each other a)5&4

    (iii) the middle column adds up to (a) 15

    iv) the middle column can't be added up to

    x)10 y)15 z) 20 a) x&z
    possible tables

    2 7 6 6 2 7

    9 5 1 1 5 9

    4 3 8 3 8 4

    there are '3' casters in a village margons, adhors,and

    i)adhor women can't marry dravid men

    ii) margon man can't marry dravid woman

    iii) in a family son will get his father's caste and
    daughter will
    get his mother's caste

    iv) there is no children out of wedlock

    v) other combination's are allowed except above

    i)adhor females can heve

    i) ii) iii)

    4) if two dravidan's got marriage it is impossible for

    i)to have

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