Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    .My father had no brothers.but his three..... 1.My father was only child. (F) 2.Three of my aunts have sons. (C) 
    3.I have six cousins on my mothers side (C) 4.I have only one uncle. (F) B.Senoir manegers in a leading company.......... 1.Some senoir managers said that more people will want to buy new cars in the future. (F) 

    2.Managers told workers that Japanese workers are taking jobs away form India Workers in the car industry (F) 

    3.The managers issued their warning after a rise in interest rates(T). 

    4.The increased rate of interest will mean that Japanese firms will cease to operate in this country. 
    C.Reaserchers in Mumbai have found that............ 1.Injecting eather into the gallbladdre dissolves 
    most gallastones.(T) 
    2.Surgery is the only treatment for calcium based gallastones(T) 
    3.Only a few hundred people suffer from calcium based gallastones(C) 
    4.It takes more than one day for the eather to dissolve calcium gallastones. (F) 

    Here is a small trick for D,E,F,G D.

     T F T F 
     E.F F T C 
     F.F F T C 
     G.T F T F 
     D and G are same and E and F are same.Be carefull. 
    H. Every form of art is proteted by copyright...........(Tagore) 
    1.Tagore plays are not protected by copyright(F) 
    2.Tagore's desecendents should be asked to make some contribution to the arts.(T) 
    31.Instead of buying a ticket,theatregoers should pay a fee to a trust for the benifit of the arts. (F) 
    32.More people could go to the theatre if copyright were abolished (C) 
    I. Hacking is a crime.............. 
    33.Most hackers are authorised to breaks into networks 
    34.Computers are only vulnerable to the unauthorised manipulation 
    of thier data via another computer if they are networked. (C) 
    35.The main reason why it is relatively easy. (T) 
    36.Hackers do not work for the firms whose networks they break into(C) J. In this only two questions 

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