Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1)Mr. x (got paramvir chakra in 1971) died when his age was 1/59th the year of birth.what was his date of birth? ans-1947
    2)there are 6561 number of balls in a bag. out of which one is heavy ball. in how many minimum number
    of weighing you can find the heavy ball. ans-8.

    3) the profit made by a company in one year is enough to give 6% return on all shares.but as the preffered shares get on return of 7.5%, so the ordinary shares got on return of 5%.if the value of preferd shares is rs-4,000000, then what is the value of ordinary shares? ans-6,000000.

    4)there were 50 players playing a game among themselves. each player is out of the game when lose 3 matches. what is the number of matches should be plyed in order to get the winner.

    5) A & B two places. C & D are two people.c started from a and d started from b. when they meet each other in the way c traveled 18m more than d. than c takes 13 and half a minute and d takes 24 minutes to reach the other end.what was the distance between a & b. ans-126.

    6) i have been hearing a girl singing a song for last two score.
    song: if seven times five and three times seven is added to my age it would be as far above six nines and four as the difference between twice of my age and a score. given-a score is 20 yrs.

    7) A tourist wants to go from a to b. there are four ways to do this.
    1. to take a wagon. the wagon stops for half an hour at a station in between a & b and then goes to b. walk to b. if he leavs a at the same time the wagon leaves,he will be between by the wagon by 1 mile to reach b.
    3. to walk from a at the same time the wagon leaves from a. he will arrive at the mid station at the time when the wagon is prepared to leave. He can take the wagon from there. this will take shortest time.
    4. to go on upto the mid station & to walk from there. he will reach at b 15 minutes before the wagon. what is the distance between a & b ?. 
    8) in a train there is one brakeman, conductor, engineer &fireman. thair names are Art, John, Tom & Pete given in this order or in reverse order. you have to tale the occupation of the 4, w.r.t. these conditions:
    1.brakeman has no relatives.
    2.john is older than art. & fireman are brothers.
    4.john is pete's nephew.
    5.fireman is not conductor's uncle.
    6.conductor is not engineer's uncle.
    8) contd
    ans: pete & tom are brothers.
    tom--father and john is his son.

    9) there is a 18 strong building and 4 people live in it. they are dentist, lawyer, accountant, architect.(i am giving only a part of the question)
    --dentist floor is 5 times the lawyer' floor.
    --account is below dentist.
    --if archetect moves two floors up he will be midway between dentist and account.
    ---if architect moves to midway of the building (9th floor) then he will be middle of dentist & lawyer.
    ---ground floor can be ignored i.e. floor 0.
    ans--dentist 15.
    accountant 13.
    lawyer-- 3.

    10) 4 ladis, mrs margarat, mrs price, mrs winter & mrs ellen went for marketing. Each went for 2 shops only.
    their surnames are lorret,torrey, doris and marshall.
    --one went to a hardwares shop.
    --two went to bank.
    --two went to buchers.
    --all but dorris went to grocery.

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