Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Puzzle   -

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Smith are Friends. Their first names are Mary, Helen and Dorothy though not in order. All three of them go on shopping, where Marry spends twice of what Helen spent and Helen spends thrice of what Dorothy Spends. Mrs. Davis spends 3.85 more than Mrs. Smith. Identify the Families of these three women.

    2. A cube of size 10 units, painted black, is cut into 1000 pieces of 1 unit size. How many of the cubes are painted (At least on one side)

    3. A Person gets his old book binded. But he finds that the page numbers are cut off. So hestarts numbering the pages. During the process he finds that 3 is encountered 61 times. Can u tell how many pages were there in the book?

    4. A child questions his father, "What is your father's age", to which the father answers "He was aged X in year X2". If the context is 20th Century, What is his Date of Birth?

    5. A Clock loses exactly 24 minutes per hour. The Clock is now showing 3.00 A.M. If the clockwas corrected a midnight and it stooped 1 hour ago, What is the correct time now? 6. A boy will cycle his way to his grandfather's house. On the first day he cycles 1/2 of the distance. On the second day he cycles 1/2 of he remaining distance. On the third day he cycles three quarter of the remaining. On the fourth day he cycles 10 miles. On the fourth day he 
    cycles 3/4 of the remaining distance and on the final day he cycles the remaining 5 miles. What is total distance he traveled?

    7. A rich man wanted to distribute his collection of gold coins among his ten childrencomprising of 5 sons and 5 daughters. He also wanted to give some coins to his car driver. He proceeds on the following basis. The first coin went to the car driver and then 1/5th of the remaining coins to his first son. He then gave another coin to the car driver and distributed 1/5th of the remaining coins to his second son. This procedure went on till all the five sons received their share. Once all the sons received their shares, he distributed the remaining coins equally among his daughters. Can u find how many gold coins the rich man had?

    8. Ava, Fanny, Eartha, Cynthia, Isabelle and Rick, Smith, Vic, Steve, Willy are 5 Couples thoughnot in order. Each were married on the different day of the week from Monday to Friday.Ava was married on Monday but not to Willy Steve was married on Thursday and Rick on Friday (but not to Isabelle) Fanny married Vic on the day after Eartha was married. Identify the Couples.

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