Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Numerical   HYDERABAD -27 May 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - Numerical   HYDERABAD -27 May 2006

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    Infosys Question paper : 28 May 2006 , HYDERABAD

    1. In cycle race held in circular ground, there are 1/5 ahead of arun and 5/6 after him. Find the total number of cyclists.

    2. Reema and Mona went to shopping, they had spent half of the money plus Rs.2 in butcher shop, then they had gone to xxx spent half of the remaining +Rs.5.then they went to bakery and spent half of the remaining amount. finally Rs.5 was left with them. how many rupees did they carry.

    Ans: 64

    3.A person started two watches, he observed that after one hour, one watch gains 1 min/hr and the second watch loses 2 min/hr. After how much time will the two watches have a difference of one hour.

    Ans: 20 hrs

    4.In a match Sachin scores 78 runs more than azhar,dravid's score exceeds azhars score by 76 runs. total of azhar's  and robins runs is 94.robin exceeds jadeja s score by 26 and dravid exceeds robins score by 26 runs. Calculate the total score.

    Ans: 338

    5.A large cube is painted red on its outer surface and cut into 27 cubes by 6 straight cuts.

    a) No of cubes whose 3 sides r painted

    b) No of cubes whose 2 sides r painted

    c) No of cubes whose 1 sides r painted

    d) No of cubes whose 0 sides r painted

    ans: a-8,b-12,c-6 d-1


    6.On a holiday a,b,c,d,e plan to have a picnic, they had a running race.c beats d. a&e  overtake b.e is not the last.d overtakes e.who won the race.

    Ans:c(not sure)


    7.a) 46636,3125,256,27, --, 1 Ans:4=2^2

      b) 3,10,7,8,--,12,9,16 ans:11(may be)

    8.A motorcyclist says "I drove with the sped of ten miles/hr while going.while returning traffic was less so I drove the same didstance with 15miles/hr." what is his average speed. 

    Ans: 12miles/hr.

    9. There are 2 systems And B.14 degrees in A equal to 36 in B.133 in A equivalent to what temperature both shoe equal readings.

    Ans:52.5 (A=7/3B-70.)

    10.5 persons A,B,C,D,E go for a meeting B and C are talking in English, when D joined they used Spanish which was the only common language.A and E can speak only Italian.and some conditions. one person can speak 5 languages, another 4 languages,one 3,one 2 and one can only speak  one language. 4 QUESTIONS BASED ON THIS.

    (Paper Submitted By : Kiranmai)

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