Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   SCT COLLEGE OF ENGG. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM -3 Jul 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   SCT COLLEGE OF ENGG. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM -3 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai friends,

                     This is Sunitha from Thiruvananthapuram. I had attended the Infosys test on 3rd July and got selected. I wish to submit my paper to this site as I had benefitted a lot for the exam from this site. The paper had 10 puzzles (1hr) followed by an english test (30min).These were the questions asked
    1.  A man plants a small plant in the centre of his garden.It doubles in size everyday.If it covers the entire garden in 50 days then what is the time taken to fill half the garden?(ANS:49 days)
    2.  There are 3 children A,B,C & they have 20 sweets. 1st type of sweet costs 4 cents,2nd type is 4 for 1 penny ,3rd type is 2 for 1penny. If the total cost is
          Rs 20 then what is the no of each type of sweet?(Ididnt do it as I wasn't sure of the relation b/w cent & penny)
    3.  2 taps A & B so that A fills atank in 10 min & B fills it in 1/4 of an hr. C empties the tank in 7&half min. Tot time to fill the tank with all 3 fning together?(ANS:30min)
    4.  Jim ,Harry,Mark &Smith have occupations - policeman,druggist ,grocer&butcher. Under given condns find their respective occupations.
         -Jim&Harry being  neighbours who take turns to drive each other to work
         -Butcher walks to work.
         -The only time the policeman saw the grocer was when the former fined the latter for overspeeding.
         -The policeman does not live near the butcher etc.
    5.  In a certain island natives speak lies & visitors speak truth. I was on a visit there & asked the waiter in a hotel to tell me whether the woman sitting opp to me
         was a native or not.He came & said that "She says that she is a visitor here". Can you infer whether the waiter is a native / visitor?(ANS:native,I think)
    6.  K,L,M,N,O,P are the 6 members of a family.P is the sister of M. L is the brother of O's husband.N is the father of K & the grand father of M.There are 2  
         fathers,3 brothers&1 mother in the family.Based on this a few qns where asked(ANS:N-grandfather,L&K-his sons,K-husband of O,M&P are the son &  
         daughter of K&O)
    7. My boss says that he spent 1/6th of his life as a boy ,1/12th in business & 5&1/7 yrs somewhere else which brings him to the time Jim was born.Jim was made the alderman 4 yrs back when he was 1/2 of the boss's age .Find the boss's age?(ANS:got 36&4/7;not sure)
    8. Infm about a survey regarding students liking 1 poet despising another etc given & based on this a few qns were asked.
    9.  A thief breaks into jewellery &takes 1/2 +2 present,continues till 5th thief finds 1 diamond remaining(ANS:76)
    10. Holmes' watch 2 min fast,Watson's is 1 min slow.If diff b/w time shown is 1hr then when the watches set before at right time?(ANS:20hrs) 

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