Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   RAIT Nerul, Navi Mumbai-29 Dec 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   RAIT Nerul, Navi Mumbai-29 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Infosys was the day 1 company in our college which came on 30th December 2010.

    Total students appeared: 297

    Students cleared aptitude: 183

    Placed: 173
    The total recruitment process consists of two stages namely, aptitude and HR interview.
    Aptitude round:
    Aptitude consists of two sections with sectional cut off and no negative marking, the sections are logical reasoning and verbal English.
    Logical reasoning 30 questions 40 minutes having 6 subsections with 5 questions each. 
    1st subsection:
    Analogy-non verbal reasoning, 4 figures will be given find the next figure from given option. 
    A linear programming problem was given with 5 questions on a single problem. It needs solving of equation by putting values simple one.  
    Data sufficiency, a statement type question will be given followed by two other statements we have to find whether 1 alone is sufficient or 2 alone or both are compulsory or neither. 
    4th subsection:
    Data interpretation, a simple bar graph was given and 5 questions on that, this section needs some calculation, solve it carefully. 
    5th subsection: 
    A puzzle, mini paragraph with lots of information will be given and 5 questions on that, for us it was given that, there are 5 people P,Q,R,S,T. P knows  Hindi and Marathi, Q belongs to Tamil Nadu and also knows bengali, R knows Hindi and Urdu, S also knows Hindi and Marathi, T knows Urdu and Bengali. The questions were like this who can act as interpreter between P and T to communicate? Which is the least language known by them? Like this.
    Logical deduction-venn diagram. Two statements will be given followed by two conclusions, we have to say whether  only 1 follows or only 2 follows or both follows or neither. For this questions we have to remember 9 conditions and 10 cases given in R.S Aggarwal. Practice this section well.
    Verbal english 40 questions 35 minutes having 4 subsections with 10 questions each.
    1st subsection:
    Simply 4 statements will be given we have to find the correct one, this needs some idea of tenses and punctuation. 
    Fill in the blanks with phrases and idioms. 
    A statement will be given followed by 4 options having statements, we have to find which of the option is having same meaning as that of given statement. 
    Consists of two passages each followed by 5 questions, the length of the passage will be a single page. Don't read the whole passage, simply read the questions and find the answer, since time is the major factor of concern in verbal. Always attempt the passage at last.
    I didn't prepared any thing for verbal its all because of luck and gods grace I cleared the verbal cut off but in logic more than 25 questions mine were right. Cut off is 60% for both the sections, once you cleared aptitude you are 95% through. Initially they give one Infosys application form to fill up, the aptitude exam started at 9:15 am and ended at 10:30 am. After that half an hour break was given then at 11:00 am pre-placement talk was there in which they will show some presentations about Infosys and what kind of training they give, their rules and regulations. At 11:45 am the results were declared and interview started by 12:00 pm, my turn came at around 4:30 pm.
    HR  interview:
    Me: Please sir may I come in.
    HR: Yes come in.
    Me: (shook his hands and said) GOOD EVENING sir.
    HR: Take your seat.                                                                        
    Me: (after sitting) thank you sir. (submitted my resume and scholastic sheet having details of academics results).

    HR: So whats your name and from where you are coming?
    Me: Answered the given question.

    HR: Tell me something about yourself, your qualities and hobbies.
    Me: Told everything.

    HR: When do you gone to the industrial visit and what did you seen there?
    Me: Explained the details about industrial visit.

    HR: Why do you chose the outhouse project, and how did you approached the company?
    Me: Told everything about the project.(dont tell the software details, otherwise he will go deep into   it, explain the hardware part and application of the project.)

    HR: Do you read times of india?
    Me: No sir i read HT and mirror.

    HR: At what section you are interested in HT?

    HR: You have got lots of extra curricular activities, how do you manage the time?
    Me: Answered.

    HR: Why do you want to join INFOSYS?
    Me: INFOSYS is my dream company.(Actually its not)

    HR: Everyone says like this, here.
    Me: No sir its nit like that, Narayan murthy sir is my role model, who has made this possible that with just Rs.10,000 he founded infosys only on the basis of hardwork and confidence.

    HR: What qualities of Narayan murthy do you like?
    Me: Told. (before going to infosys recruitment, please read the details about infosys history, their standings, their achievements, and about Narayan murthy sir.)

    HR: Best of luck.       
    Me: Thank you sir. (Shake his hands once again)

    The interview continued for about 20 to 25 minutes. Then at 9:30pm the results were announced and i got selected.

    Best of Luck for you all!    

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