Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   MBM, Jodhpur-13 Jan 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   MBM, Jodhpur-13 Jan 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hei p'pl!!
    This z 13th jan 2010
    v started off wid a presentation,,, dont forget 2 jot down al d details provided, d ppt lasted 4 an hr or so
    then ws d
    1st step:- aptitude n reasng -- 30 ques in 20 mins ( very very easy)
    general questions on directions,, wd simple pythagoras applctn
    then sum ques of data sufficiency,, relations,, n 5-6 syllogism
    IMP- pls dont cram puzzl 2 puzzl 4m shakuntla devi dere was'nt evn a singl ques,, just go thru basic aptitude 4m R.S.Agarwal- verbal n non verbal reasng
                :-eng n comm. skills--40 ques in 30 mins (quite simple)
    first 4 were passages,, den sentnce completion n sum assertion reason

    (i had prepared for cat so 1st round ws a cakewalk)

    2nd step
    :-  HR interview

    This was my first interview in life n i rocked it
    HR-y software??
    HR-fields f interest
    me- bla bla bla
    HR-about my current project
    me- said 'bou d minor i ws undertaking dt time
    HR-were do you stay??
    HR- y infosys??
    HR- temme 'bou urslf
    HR-im done any ques 4m u (last questn 4m him)
    me-sir, hv u placed ur interest in m?
    HR-y shud i answer dt?
    me- sir, so i shud overcom ma lackings n shortcomings
    HR- am i here 2 advise you?
    me- no sir,, 2 select m
    finaly h laughed n this is what happened

    v waited for 3 hrs,, n d reslt ws finaly out wd Mr. Saurabh Sharma(HR infosys)
    ma nme ws 5th in d list of 31 selected students
    my 1st job offer on 13 th jan 2010

    TIPS-: be confident,, answer smartly,, get acquainted of d company,, dunno lie n prepare atleast a week b4, last nite wud nt pay,, software p'pl read sum basics f C
    Al d Best!!!!!!

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