Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Lingyas University, Faridabad-17 Jan 2011

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Lingyas University, Faridabad-17 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hello Friends.

    I am Sandeep Chaudhary from BSAITM, Faridabad. I am sharing my experience with you about the joint campus placement drive by Infosys.
    It was  held in Lingyas university, Faridabad. Three colleges were there: Lingyas, BSAITM and Apeejay.
    In all 661 students appeared and nearly 110 students were selected.
    The procedure was simple. Only aptitude and HR.

    The aptitude test started at 11 am.
    At first, reasoning question paper was given. it had 30 questions to be done in 40 minutes. It was all reasoning. Just 1 or 2 questions of quants were there.  1 question was from geometry based on circles, tangents and quadirilateral.
    First five questions were on series/pattern. they were very easy.
    • Next it was a puzzle. A,B,C,D,E,F,G are buses. Monday to Friday , train B leaves at 6 am, next bus leaves after 45 minutes, next all the buses leave after 45 min. On sunday the order of buses is same but time gap is 1 hour. Bus G goes 2nd, E goes after C etc.etc.    It was a simple one.  5 questions were on this puzzle.
    • next there were  4 questions on data sufficiency. they were also easy.
    • Again it was a puzzle base on 8 people sitting around a round table. A similar to this is in RS Aggarwal. It was easy.
    • Next again it was a puzzle. its language was little bit tricky. it had 4 questions.

    And one more puzzle was there. it was little bit tough. it had five questions. it was like, A,B,C,D,E,F,G are teachers teaches english , geography, maths, sanskrit, physics, plo science and history and were from kolkata, delhi, pune, lucknow, punjab, bihar, MP. a teacher from kolkata does not teach maths. B teaches english but not from delhi. etc etc.  It was simple but lenghty... A similar to this is also in R.S Aggarwal.

    It was simple but bcoz of 4 puzzles it became time consuming. Time management and accuracy are important.
    Aptitude is not tough at all. Just practice from R.S Aggarwal.

    After reasoning english paper was given. it had 40 questions to be done in 35 minutes.
    It was little bit tough. It had questions based on finding errors which were quite tough.  Questions from Syllogism were very easy. Practice from R.S Aggarwal.
    Fill in blanks with correct option.
    And Two unseen passages
    First passage was difficult and second was very easy. Just check both passages and do the easy one first. Again time management is the key to success. Do passages in the last. Also take a look at active/passive and prepositions.
    The english paper was balanced one. Not so tough not even easy. The aptitude test was over at 12:15 pm. Then the results were declared at 2:30 pm. And I was one among those who cleared aptitude test.

    HR Interview
    The interviews started at 4 pm in the evening. I wait for 1 hour nearly and my interview strated at 5. At my turn, I went inside the room. Interviewer was a young lady. She asked me to sit down. I thanked her.
    Then she asked for resume. I gave her. then looking my percentage she said" you got 79.5 %, were u a topper?"
    To which I said" I missed the chance three times by one, two and six marks. I am still trying to get that position".
    then she said all the best and i thanked her for wishes.

    Then she asked about the projects, problems faced. Some basic questions about the database (MS ACCESS) which I used in one of my projects.
    At one of her questions about database I said that I dont know the answer. She asked question about the research paper.
    Then she said "interview is over. u want to ask any question." interview lasted for only 10 minutes. The result were declared separately for each college.
    It was 7 in the evening and we all were desperately waiting for the results in seminar hall. A lady came in with TPO of our college. She first did a normal chat with us. then she said " do u have any questions?" To which we asked abt training and package.
    She said that training will of 4-6 months and it would be in mysore. the package they offered is 3.5 lakhs.
    then she started calling names of those who were selected. She was calling names one by one. For a considerable amount of time i didn't hear my name so i thought perhaps i am am not selected. But suddenly she called my name and i was surprised and so happy to hear my name.
    16 students were selected from our college. So guys I hope this will help you a lot.

    Prepare from RS aggarwal. CAT material is more than enough. Students having good communication skills have advantage. The criterion was 65% in btech and 60 % in X and XII. but preference was given to more than 70% marks in btech. Good %age is important for infosys.
    So Guys going Mysore.
    See you there.
    All the best and most impotant be confident and believe in God.

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