Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Hyderabad-28 Nov 2010

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Hyderabad-28 Nov 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi, I have attended Infosys on 29 th November, 2010.  

    It was a open campus drive around 1800 students attended it and 250 got through written. Let me relax you first if you are preparing for Infosys brush up your English skills and reasoning power, that?s it no programming and technical stuff I really like Infosys pattern.
    Believe me it is damn easiest pattern. So the test was going to start at 9 am but it started at 10 am. First they give us application form to fill be quick to fill it and accurate too.
    Then immediately they starts the test.  
    In all there are only 2 papers
    1. Logical reasoning

    2. English


    1. Logical: 30 questions in 40 mins


    * 5 questions are on odd figure out

    * 5 on data sufficiency

    * 5 on number series

    * 5 on syllogism

    * 5 on data interpretation

    * 5 on puzzle

    Help you in this also go through R.S Aggrawal reasoning


    2. English:  40 questions 35 mins


    it is the easy section jst u have to show ur time management skills here


    Questions were from paras

    * 2 big paras 10 questions each

    * 2 small para 10 questions each

    * 5 on chose correct statement there are 5 satetments we have to chose correct 1

    * 5 fillup

    * 5 on very small paras wer given we have to chose the ans frm it


    Suggestion: Every body will say you to not to start with the para but I'll suggest you to practice para questions at home and start with it because the answers will be confirmly correct of paras rest on you.



    I had my interview on next day they just want to check our communication skills and confidence so be confident and prepare the following question you will be through.
    * About Ifosys?

    * Why you choose engineering/MCA?

    * Your project?

    * Difficulties came in your project?

    * How to approach a problem?

    * Your goal?

    * Why I should hire you?

    * Why you want to work in Infosys?

    * Can you work in pressure?

    * Prepare questions on your hobby?

    I think this many questions are enough and give more emphasis on yo ur project prepare it well.
    All the very best work hard you will definitely achive.
    As I got Thanks to my family and God.

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