Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Hyderabad-28 Jan 2011

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Hyderabad-28 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Firstly we had to wait for some time. Then there was a ppt which was very nice.
    Written test:
    Pattern same as that given by others in
    Do syllogism first, then figure series, data sufficiency, then do the small puzzle and at last DI and big puzzle in first paper. There are 5 questions on each. Difficulty level is not much but time is 40 minutes for 30 questions. If you properly manage the time, u can give 25-30 correct answers easily. Just concentrate on your paper and plan to manage your time in advance and do not waste a single minute after the paper is given to u looking here and there. Spend 3min on syllogism, 3min on figure series, 5 min on data sufficiency in beginning. And then u can move on to puzzles and DI for the rest of the time.


    Second paper is English in which the time is lesser and difficulty level increases. This is not that easy. Spend your time more properly. Pattern is again the same as other papers given in freshersworld. 35 questions in 30 minutes. Do RC?s at last bt do them as they are really scoring. Some answers might be direct. You do not need to read the passage for that. Do them first and then read the passage and answer others. Fill in the blanks, error in part of sentence, best alternative for given phrase in a sentence can be done very quickly. Theme detection is quite lengthy so do that later. Any1 with good English can clear it very easily. Those who are not very good at English can also clear if they give their best and manage time properly as cut off is not very high . You can follow some CAT material for practice and Grammar. 


    But this is elimination round so do not take it lightly.


    If you clear this, then you might be interviewed next or next to next day. 90% of those who clear written will clear the interview. Just Be Confident and speak and  dress properly. Be fluent. Prepare basic questions like abt urself, hobbies, if u say that this is ur hobby, u can be asked other questions on that so prepare wht to speak and speak things about which u have knowledge, prepare abt ur projects,  ur role, teamwork , nothing technical. At last the interviewer might ask- do you have any questions. Prepare what to answer.

    All the best!

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