Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Hyderabad-10 Oct 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Hyderabad-10 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi fnds I  appeared 4 infosys selection process on 10th Octomber 2006 (Sunday) at HYDERABAD.In my point of view infosys SP is very easssy. Why bcoze there is no technical intviw & GDS. Only written test followed by HR interview. I solved all 10 puzzles correctly. If U clear written test then u no need 2 worry abt HR intviw, these is only formal intevw. So I wuld like 2 share my experience with u d guys. My experience may helpful 2 u.


    1.OPTITUDE TEST:  Which includes logical reasng, numerical reasng, puggles of 10 qusns with 50 marks, 1hr. time. 4 this u have 2 prepare at least 25+ previous papers.

    Before tat u have to gone throw SHAKUNTALA DEVI 2 Puzzle books.

                            1.PUZZLES TO PUZZLES U

                            2.MORE PUZZLES.

    That is more than enough. In these books some qsns are there which are difficult to remember &understand, leave thm .60+% qsnz are coming fm previous papers, so be touch with tht papers. Each section has its own cutoff marks, so both r imps.

    2. ENGLISH TEST: The pattern is like this. Thre r 45 qsns with 30 mnts time, time is very less. These are all based on BASSICS OF ENGLISH GRAMMER nothing else..

    a)[1-6 QNS],passage given,fm tht u hve to ansr these 6 qsns.It will take more    time, so answer it at the last.

                b)[7-11 QNS],fill in d  blanks with appropriate word 4 options.

    c)[12-21 QNS],tenses,thre is passage with 10 lines ,u hve to fill correct ansr fm 4 options.

    d)[22-26 QNS]indications of sentence which has error from 4 sentences.

    e)[27-32 QNS],mark the correct statement from the pairs .

    f) [33-38QSNS],select the best word/phase/line to complete the sentence.

    g)[38-45 QSNS],Choose the correct word to fill the sentence. These article,prepostion ,conjtns based qsns.

    NOTE: If u r strong in English grammar then no need 2 prepares 4 English sections can concentrate on aptitude section. If u r weak in English then u shud spend more time 4 English section preparation than puzzles & prepare previous papers thts enough. Though u slove all 10 puzzles, u may not short-listed 4-interview bcoze of English. So be prepare 4 English.




    1)      X^1/3 -X^1/9  = 60.then find X?                                              (3marks)


    2)      There was a cycle race going on. 1/5th of those in front of a person and 5/6 of those behind him gives the total number of participants. How many people took part in the race? (3 marks).                                                 ( 4 marks)


    3)      Samantha younger than jack and older than Louise, Louise older than Edward and younger than Jim and some more conditions are given. Then who is the youngest person?                                                                                    (5 marks)

    4)      A man starts from xyz  city &drive a constant speed. After some time he sees a milestone with two digits written on it. After he drives for an hour, he sees another milestone with the same digits, but in reversed order. After another hour of juniorny,he sees another milestone with original digits with zero b/w them.Wht was the speed of the car if milestone show in KM?              (3 marks)   


    5)      A five digit no whose third digit is one greater than the sum of the 1st two digits and the 3rd digit is double the 4th digit and 4th digit is double the 5th digit and 2nd digit is greater than the 1st by 5 nd if we multiply 4th  nd  5th digit we get 3rd digit. Then the no is?                                                                       (6 marks)


    6)      There are 100 countries are playing in knockout football match. At every match one team which loss the game is omitted from the tournment.hw many matches have to conduct to decide the winner?                                    (4 marks)



    7)      There r five persons w,x,,y,z & v five  languages are English,French,Spanish,Italian,Portuguese.conditions are Spanish is the mostly  commonly spoken langauage.3 of them speak Portuguese.x&z can talk in Spanish but when y arrives they start talking in English..x&y speak in italin.Out of them one person speaks 1 language,1 person speaks 2 langauage,1 persons speaks 3 language ,1 persons speak 4 language. 1 person speaks 5 languages &so on. I could not remember entire qsn.but qsn is like this. And there 4 qsns from these data?                                                                                                 (8 marks)


    8)      These is very easy qsn from cubes. the surface of the cube is painted with red colour.By six straight cuts 27 cubes are formed then.

    a)hw many cubes are there with 0 side red color?

    b)  1 side red color?

    c)  2 sides red color?

    d)  3 sides red color?         (8 marks)


      9) 7.Uncle Reuben and aunt Cynthia came to town to shop.Reuben bought a suit and hat for $15.Cynthia paid as much as for her hat as Reuben did for his suit.Then she spent the rest of her money for her dress. Then uncle said if we had divided our hat money differently such that we bought a different hats mine costing 1 and ½ times cost of yours then we would have spent the equal amount of money.

    (i)How much the hat would cost in that case?

    (ii)What is the total amount spent?                                      (5 marks)



    10) There were totally 100 men.85 are married.75 have T.V, 85 have radio,70 have           A.C. How many men have T.V, radio, A.C and also married?    (4 marks)

    1)                  let us take X=a^9

    then( a^9)^1/3-(a^9)^1/9 =60




    by sol . this



    2)                  let us assume no. of participants = x

    from the condition  x.1/5+x.6/5=x+1/5+1/6




    3)                  this is very simple dnt worry abt no. of conditions are given have to arrange sequence of  relation using < or > symbols. After one arranging one Lange sequence u can answer any qsn. I am not remember total qsn tht?s way I am unable to give realeason.But

            ans:Edward (sure)


    4)                  At 1st milestone the distance =xy.

    At 2nd milestone the distance=yx

    This diff. will give the speed of care=xy-yx

    The diff. Of one number and reverse number must be divisible by 9.

    Frm this we have to check all multiples of 9 which satisfy  all conditions in the problem.45 will do tht condition..

    Suppose at first the distance =16km

    At 2nd ms distance=16+45=61km

    At 3rd ms distance=61+45=106km

            Ans:45KM/hr (sure)


    5)                  LET US take last no=x

    Then 4th digit=2x

    And 5th digit=4x

    3rd digit=4th digit.5th digit






    1st+2nd>3rd fm condition     

    let take 1st=a

    a+a+5>8 fm condition



            Ans: 16842(sure)

    6)                  At every match one team eliminated fm the tournment. Thre r 100 teams. So 99 matches r required to eliminating 99 teams for decide winner.

            Ans: 99 matches (sure)

    7)                  This is little bit of lengthy but easy if u analyze. I am unable to solu. this now bcoz I am not remember total  qsn. Draw a table against persons versus language then u can get the ans.Fm this table u can attempt all qsns.


    8)        U rember these formulas,.if no.cubes in one side=n


                            a).no of .3 sides color cubes=no.of corners(n-2)^0=8

                            b)no. of 2 sides color cubes=no.of edgesx(n-2)^1=12x(n-2)^1

                            c)no.of 1 side color cubes =no.of facesx(n-2)^2=6(n-2)^2

                            d)no. of no color cubes=   (n-2)^3

                     in our  pblm. N=3     (27=3x3x3)

           Ans:     a)    1

    e)  6

    f)  12

    g)  8    (sure)


    9)            reuben hat cost=x

                              suit cost=y

                               x + y=  15

              synthin hat cost a=y

                     synthin   dress cost =b

                       hats cost ratio=x:a=3/2:1=x:y=3:2

                     so x=3x15/5=9




            Ans:1) hat cost=9



         10)      those who dnt married                  =100-85=15

                     those who dnt hve T.V                 =100-75=25

                      those who do not heve radio        =100-85=15

                      those who dnt hve  A.C              =100-70=30        

                      total no. of  men those who do not have  any one of the above=85

                       no. of  men those who r under all of the above=100-85=15


           Options are not given 4 d puzls,so u hve to solue d pblm nd write the ansrs. So solution is imp. Pattern may change, so be touch with IT papers.

    Prepare well -Go with confidence-Do without tension-Tell with smile-Get good life with good job.  ALL THE BEST 4 UR BRIGHT FUTURE.

    V.Chengal Reddy

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