Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Chennai-5 Mar 2006

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   Chennai-5 Mar 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Iam Sivaji Saravanan, I attend infosys off-campus conducted on 05-03-2006 (Sunday ) at R.M.K Engineering College. Nearly more than 500 hundred people attend the selection process.  Out of that 40 to 45 members only selected.

     It was a very nice experience, but I didn't get through.

     As usual, repeated questions-60 minutes, 10 puzzles

     Here are the questions,

    1)  Farmer jones sold a pair of cows for Rs.210.  On one he made a profit of ten percent and on the other he lost ten percent.  Altogether he mad a profit of five percent.  How many did each cow originally cost him?

    Ans:     150, 50    (I got this answer, I don't know whether it is correct or not)

    2)   This one is a very log question but easy if you have time to read and solve!  It will consume lot of time, so do it at last,              (8 Marks)

     There are 5 towns - nalanda, thrilothika, rampur, solanpur and maninagar.  So say N, T, S, R, M.  Out of these, 4 are capitals, 3 industrial towns, two hill stations, two towns are on same longitude.  Population of two cities is less than five lakhs and that of one city is 20 lakhs, also of other two cities is more than 50 lakhs.  Thirlothika is an industrial town.  Maninagars population is 20 lakhs.  There are 4 capitals and two industrial towns.  Now some data are given involving longitudes and latitudes such as, one of the hill stations do not lie in the longitude in which the harbour which is also an industrial town lies and so on.  Rampur and thrilothika lies on same longitude.  Solapur and Maninagar lies on same latitude like that.  And also, the population of the towns is involved from which the following four questions should be answered,

     ( 4 combinations were given for each question )

     a. Which of the following combination has less than 5 lakhs population.

    Ans:   Nalanda and Rampur                           (100% Sure)

    The town which is a harbour, industrial town and capital
    Ans:   Thrilothika                                                (100% Sure)

    Which of the following combination have more than 50 lakhs population.
    Ans:    Thrilothika and solanpur                        (100% Sure)

    The town that is not a capital
    Ans:            Nalanda                                (100% Sure)

    3) A cow is standing 5 feet from the middle of the bridge.  A train is coming towards the cow at speed of 90 miles per hour from the near end and the train is twice as long as the bridge.  If the cow had tried to move forward in the same direction as of the train then the cow would have got hit be three feet.  But it moved in opposite direction to the train and saved by one feet. Then What is the length of the bridge?
    ?    The gait of the cow                                                (6 Marks)
    - I didn't solve this

    4)A said to B that "now you should have at least 30 clerks in your company"  But B said that "if there are twice the number of the female clerks or thrice the number of the male clerks, the number will be 30".  Find the total number of clerks?

                Ans:            18 Clerks (12 + 6)                                    (100% Sure)

    5) Ann, Carol, Eve are friends. Ann wearing blue if only eve wearing red.  Ann and carol can wear red but not on the same day.  Carol and eve can wear blue both not on the same day.  Find Ann dress color?

                Ans:            Red                                          (100% Sure)

    6) Easy question,

                John was asked to meet a lady who had a good logic skill.  Today is Friday.  She asked John to meet her two days after the day before day after the tomarrow.  Which day should John meet her?

    7) Another easy 8 Mark question,

    Four persons are there called, John, Jacob, Peter and Williams.  Four languages are there named English, Italian, German and French.


    There is no common language for all.
    Except one language, no language is spoken by more than two.
    One can know either German or French but not both.
    John can't speak English but John can act as interpreter between Jacob and Peter.
    Jacob knows German but he can talk with William who doen't know a word of German.
    No Common language between John, Peter and Williams
    Which two languages do each person speaks?
    Here is the (100% Sure) Answer.

                                        English          Italian               German          French

    John                             X                     Yes                  X                     Yes
    Jacob                           X                     Yes                  Yes                  X
    Peter                            Yes                  X                     X                     Yes
    William                         Yes                  Yes                  X                     X

    8) Here is the another easy question,
    My watch is 2 minutes per hour slow and my husband watch is 1 minute per hour fast.  We went together to a marriage but late.  We had a difference of 1 hour.  Find the number of hours elapsed from the time we set the 2 clocks correctly till now.

    Ans:            20 hours                (100% Sure)

    9)         (6 Mark) I didn't remember exactly,
    A paragraph is given, Jan Robinson, Martina.  From that para, we have to find
    Who is the pilot?               

    Ans:            Robinson                    (100% Sure)

    10) I can't able to remember the question. Sorry


    English Test,                             30minutes

    Its very easy, contains, comprehensions, choose the appropriate words given, grammars, choose the correct sentence from the pair, and choose the wrong sentence from the given set of sentences.

    (Paper Submitted By : Sivaji Saravanan)

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