Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - English   IPEC,gzb-17 Dec 2009

Infosys  Placement Paper   Aptitude - English   IPEC,gzb-17 Dec 2009

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    hey frnds....

    infosys must b dream company for many of you..atleast for all CS-IT students...

    it was my dream company too...n finally i achieved it..

    do group study,if possible,it helps a lot in placement time,it helps in interview preparation as well...

    the elimination round is d they select very less people..

    well,u have to jus work on ur english n data sufficiency.apti is d least important...

    jus go thru d papers on freshers world n do rs agarwal..

    there is no negative dont leave any question unattempted..

    time is very less,u can hardly come back later to d questions,so do them in one go..

    dont try to cheat much,infosys is a bit strict in these matters n can seal ur copy..or may d entire room.

    the most important topics from which most of d questions r:

    1. syllogisms(solve it by venn diagram) sufficiency(most important at least 10 ques were there)

    3.problem on ages

    4.time and work

    5.speed,time n distance-(boats n trains)

    6.logic-(first seven chapters in rs aggarwal in non verbal section)

    7. para-jumbles

    8.fill in d blanks with correct words

    9.deriving conclusion



    first five questions on puzzle test(in rs aggarwal chapter 7),it was one paragraph on which following five questions were was easy..but do it the question properly,make a table n do it.

    next five on picture/series completion,it was a bit tough..

    five questions on data interpretation(may be bar chart or pie chart)

    there were two reading comprehensions of five questions each.. attempt them at last..

    they r very time consuming..

    there was very less time for verbal section,so do it fast..jus read d question once but carefully n give d answer...there is no time of reading d question twice..




    n for d interview...

    its a formality in infosys..jus be prepared wid sum basic questions..

    1.about urself

    2.ur quality

    3.ur weaknesses

    4.ur strength

    5.five yrs frm now

    6.implementation of ur branch

    7.about ur family..ur fathers job.

    8.hobbies..(work on it)

    9.some details on infosys

    10.headline of d newspaper of that day n some current affairs.

    11.ur achievements n extra curricular activites

    12.ur major project.



    do well....

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