IGate  Placement Paper   General - Other   PES College Of Engineering Mandya-22 Jul 2008

IGate  Placement Paper   General - Other   PES College Of Engineering Mandya-22 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    IGATE PAPER ON 22nd JULY 2008

    Hello friends I am SANJEEV BHARADWAJ V  from PES COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, MANDYA. On 22nd July 2008  iGate company visited our college........  

    There was  a ppt from them before the actual tests began..it was around 9.test actually began around  10 30.. I was given a 3-4 sheet question paper n was asked to finish well within 60 min,,,,!!

    There were around 50 questions...Pure objective type ( multiple choice questions)

    The paper frightened me for a while but some easy questions made me take easy breaths after a while ..

    It was a different paper, actually had no separate sections...

    One can find all sort of questions that he/she can see in the regular campus papers like.

    Aptitude ( trains, speed........)
    Vocabulary ( synonyms, antonyms,articles,fill in the blanks, read a small poetry n then anwer following questions)
    Non verbal (missing figures,word pairs like shoe:leather::shirt:____ 4 options cotton, rubber,iron..... ,Syllogisms (logical deductions))

    There were some silly questions of that kind , any idiot can answer those questions !!!( RS Agarwal VERBAL N NON VERBAL WAS QUITE USEFUL)

    Those were the main topics that i can remember....Luckily there was no TECHNICAL PART in their FORMAT !!! HURRAH !!!!!!!

    Remember  our regular CET booklet marking method ( Usually comes with a msg THINK BEFORE U INK !!!!!!!)

    U must follow the same method here too... u will be given  an OMR sheet to mark your answers, where u must fill the respective

    Circle matching your answer for that question....Empty sheets will be given for rough work...

    The day before iGate company came to our college ,they visited SJCE College Mysore..I could find out how  the pattern was

    and asked my friend some 2 to 3 questions that he could remember... But took that lightly !!

    Oh my GOD.......F it was the same question paper  So guys check out the dates of the company visiting to some other colleges just before they visit your college.... There are possibilities of getting the same question paper.. Try this trick n if it is successful dont forget to THANK ME !!! :-) if not dont BLAME ME !!!:-)

    The correction will be done by a programmed machine( Luckily not by a MAN !!!) So one can expect fair results after a very short time ( 15- 20 min)

    Around 41 were short listed out of around 180.

    Luckily i was one among them.

    We were made to sit in a room n given a form to fill . ( My god it took 15 min to fill that form !!!!) There u will be asked to fill your complete details almost about everthing( name,address,percentage from 10th to current semester, hobbies,stengths,goal,extra curricular activities.etc.. )

    Don forget to carry your passport photos with u.  

    Then it was around 1 that we finished our form filling journey.....only 3 persons were interviewed out of 41, then lunch break.,,, Ahh perfect time to relax..

    Again the war began at 2.

    It was supposed to be the easiest interview, and it was easy.


    Technical round:->    
    Most questions were on Basics of previous semester subjects.                                   
    What are the various stages in the waterfall model ?                                   
    What is overloading in C++?
    How can u swap two numbers without using a temporary variable?                                   
    Explain Spiral model?                                    
    Very basic questions on C , C++, Data Structure, DBMS..                          
    How can u attach one string infront of another string without using built-in functions?

    Some times before they start firing questions at u ,they may ask your favourite Subject n they will ask only on those subjects. !!!!!

    HR Round:->      
    It was a piece of cake..                                   
    Tell me about ourself ?( Don tell some new things apart from what u have mentioned in your  resume n what u have filled in their form.. They will have resume in their hand)                                   
    They will ask some questions based on your resume....                                   
    Almost done....

    The best part of iGate's interview procedure is that they will announce the rejection list soon after each round ( tech or HR). luckily i escaped all the REJECTION LISTS n entered last round...!!!  

    Out of 41 ,the final list had around 20 members n only 16 were selected......... it was 8 30 in the night when the final results were announced !!

    Fortunately or unfortunately i was not selected :-(   I think  iGATE dont deserve my workings hands in their company desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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