IGate  Placement Paper   General - Other   Jhansla-22 Aug 2007

IGate  Placement Paper   General - Other   Jhansla-22 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HI Frendz I participated in the joint campus placement held at Chitkara Institute Of Engg. And Technology, Jhansla. First of all, I would like to thanx
    freshersworld.com for providing me all the necessary information about Igate.Now about the test procedure

    Firstly, there was a PPT(Pre Placement Talk) followed by the following procedure:
    1. Aptitude Test

    2. Technical Interview

    3. HR Interview

    About 1200 students participated in the joint campus placement. Now let?s talk about the Aptitude Test. It consisted of 15 subjective questions and time given was 30 minutes. No negative marking.
    Aptitude Test
    Plz note the ques. Given here are not fully correct but they can guide u by providing information regarding type of ques. Present in paper.
    1. 2 mixtures r given having copper:gold ratio as 1:4 and another mixture is having copper:gold ratio as 3:2. 5kg of 1st mixture and 8kg of 2nd mixture is mixed. Find the ratio of copper:gold in the mixture obtained.
    (Hint: 5kgà1kg copper & 4kg gold, 8kgà4.8kg copper & 3.2kg gold
    so, reqd ratio is total copper(kg):total gold(kg)      Ans: 44/21)
    2. 3 persons with odds in favour each r 2:3, 5:1, 5:7. Find the probability that majority of persons is in favour.
    (Hint: Prob. 1st in favour is 2/5, similarly find for all persons the favour & against probabilities, Now for majority either all r in favour or any 2 of them in favour so 4 cases arise.)
    3. Suppose 8465--- : 9291--- Find 8969--- : ?
    (Hint: 8+1=9
    a. 4-2=2
    b. 6+3=9

    c. 5-4=1

    d. and so on.)
    4. If + stands for ?, - stands /, / stands *, * stands + then find 8+5-6*2/7.
    5. If a person travels at 4 km/hr then he reaches 15 min. earlier and if he travels at 3 km/hr he reaches 15 min. late. Find the distance traveled.
    (Hint: x/4 + x/3 = 30/60)
    6.  If after giving 20% discount SP is 3125. Then find SP after giving 30% discount.
    7. A person borrows money for 15 years at SI with 6% for 4 years, 9% for next 6 years and 14% for remaining years. Find the sum borrowed if interest amounts to Rs. 11,400.
    8. Avg of A,B,C is 74 kg. Avg of A,B,C,D is 87 kg. If E replaces D having 10 kg more weight then find weight of A. A ques. Like this was given.
    9. A is thrice as good workman as B. If A takes 60 days less than days taken by B then find time taken to complete the work when both work together.
    (ans.22.5 days)
    10. Find no. of parallelograms formed when 6 || lines intersect another 5 || lines.
    ( ans. 150)
    11. Find no. of 2 digit nos. formed using 2,3,5,7,6 if repetition of nos. is allowed.
    (ans. 5*5=25)
    12. If no. of girls:no. of boys = 4:5 and girls studying maths :physics is 3:1 and no. of boys studying maths:no. of girls studying physics is 4:1 then find %age of girls studying maths.
    (ans. 33.3%) 

    13.600 persons know English, 400 persons know telugu, 800 persons know at least 1 of languages. Find no. of persons who know both languages. (ans. 200)
    14. If S.P. of cycle is such that a profit percent of 16% is obtained on selling it and if this selling price is increased by Rs. 60 then 20% profit is obtained. Find C.P.
    (Hint: assume C.P. be Rs.x and solve the equation 2nd S.P. ? 1st S.P.=Rs. 60.)
    15. If 1st person says that Ram?s birthday falls between 10 Jan.,2007 and 14 Jan., 2007, 2nd person says that Ram?s birthday falls between this and this date and similarly 3rd person says this and this date then we were to find that Ram?s birthday falls on which date.
    Technical Interview
    178 students were short listed for technical interview. My Tech. interview went for abt 20 min. and ques. R:
    ·Introduce ur self
    ·Basic concepts of C++ like  Polymorphism, Encpsulation, Fn overloading, operator overloading, classes, objects, inheritance
    ·Syntax showing how a fn is derived from base class
    ·Micro-Processor Architecture
    ·5 ques. Were given to solve which appeared in apti paper.
    ·Will u be able to shift into IT world.
    And many more ques.
    HR Interview
    My HR interview also went for abt 20 min. and ques. R:
    ·Introduce ur self
    ·Family Background
    ·ques. About Punjab As I was born in Punjab.
    ·Punjab is known for what
    ·Case studies: If ur boss asks u to work whole night alone in office then ur reaction.
    ·Case studies: If ur boss scolds u in front of ur team mates although the fault is of team-mates then ur reaction towards boss and team-mates.
    ·R u ready to sign 2 years bond now. U r reaction if bond is increased to 5 yrs.
    ·R u ready to work in Bangalore
    ·Will u be successful in IT
    ·Why u want to do job.

    There is a long list of HR ques. But ques. Were general and can be answered easily.So frendz face interviews confidently and u can be through.

    NO Need to worry if  u r nt selected but just continue to work hard and u can be through next time because ?GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP
    THEMSELVES? Never loose heart but continue to work hard. Also always remember: Hard work + Luck = Success so frendz don?t believe in only luck but u
    need to work hard also.
    Finally with the grace of GOD I was placed in Igate and my name was among 62 selected students, placed in Igate.


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