IGate  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -16 Sep 2007

IGate  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -16 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am 4m anilneerukonda institute of technology and sciences
    igate was came 2 our region on 16th sep 2007 and the students appeared 4m 12colleges of 180members

    I am shravan 4m anits i dint cleared my aptitude.I dont know the reason y coz i did 12ques r8 and my frnd did 8ques r8 he was selected but not iiiiiii

    eligibility criteria:
    10th inter b.e 70per with no arrears as on date.
    i think he selected random papers
    the test procedure z 0.apti contains 15ques 30 min
    1.ppt for 25min

    2.tech/hr interview
    he selected 16people 4m 180
    soplz take care it completes up on fate of us
    i hope dis paper may help 2 u all.
    wat is for pendant:______________
    2..there was a ques on heights of 5gals standing in a row with some conditions..we shld find the gal who is situated in the middle..there was a gals names like sushma,pushpa,siri,madhu,raji.
    i think the <<<ans : pushpa>>>
    3..this ques was a quite tricky that:the main theme of the ques is xchanging the positions of the students who r sitting in the row contains 14 tables
    first table xchanges with 13thtable,2nd table xchanges with 14th table and so on.wat is the place xchanged by bablu who was in 6th position initially.<<<ans:10th position>>>
    4..question based on pizza
    a boy eat half of the pizza on monday and another half of that on tuesday and so on..determine ow much part of the pizza completed after 1week. <<<<ans :1-1/128=127/128>>>>
    5..another question based on permutations and combinations
    there was 2 sets of cards in that there will be a spade and ace... i dont remeber the ques perfectly but the ans is
    6..another ques on avg
    which was quite easy
    7..a commodity selled 2 items at 4000rs each.he was sold one item at 25%gain and there shld be neither loss nor gain 2 a shopkeeper,and wat is the loss percentage 2 obtain d above condition
    <<<<ans is 20per>>>>
    8..dis que based on time and work
    i will giv dis ques in equations
    C CAN COMPLETE THE WORK IN 40DAYS AND ASKED 2 FIND THE TOTAL WORK COMPLETED BY A,B,AND C.THEREFORE C=1/40 1/40=1/2*<<<(b/2+b)*(1/2)=1/40=>3b/4=1/40=>b=1/30>>

    a=1/60 (((ans is 120/9days)))
    9..question based on allegation or mixture...
    10..question based on percentages
    11..there are 20members in a group contains 8female 9literate and 6female literate and find ow many male literate in the group....((ans is 3male literate))
    12..there was a ques as there r 4males and 4females and we have 2 select 5members in such a way that a group shld hav president,vice president and 3 directors.find out in no of ways we can allot((ans is 8C5=56))
    dis series is some wat tricky but easy
    ans is(((31131211131221))
    logic is 1 means one 1 na so nxt number is 11 after that 11can b treated as 2ones na so 21 and nxt number means one 2 and one one na so it will b written as 1211 aftr that nxt number can b written as one1 one 2 2 ones so 111221 and follow on
    14..ques based in time
    15.. i dint remember 

    if there is any mistakes sorry

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