IGate  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -20 Nov 2007

IGate  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -20 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai frnds i am ranjeetha doing my btech final year frm aurora?s college of engineering??.recently I have attended for placement at bongiri aorora college where
    there r abt 16 colleges wich came to take the test of igate???.Well firstly I want to thank my parents,GOD,my frnds who encouraged me???..The
    criterion was there must be 70%consistency frm 10th till btech???Have confidence in u???.u will get thru.believe in god?????
    There are 4 rounds for this
    ØAptitude round
    ØGroup discussion
    ØTechnical interview
    ØHr interview
    The aptitude round has 15 questions no choices and 30 mins time was allotted??..it is only quant there was no verbal??the quant is directly given frm the r.s
    agarwal .the topics r mainly time and work time distance,ages,directions,percentage,profit and loss,series,simple and compound intrest????cool dnt get
    scared cing this topics they r very easy once u do the r.s agarwal for 3 to 4 times,???..
    Hey guys this is my 8th company,,,,,,,,,,,,lolll???..i lost hopes actually but still I attended bcoz I want to c happiness on my parents faces,,,,,,,,,,
    I got abt 13 marks out off 15 ???.. after the written xam they have taken 1hr to correct the papers and asked us to assemble at 2:30pm they have announced
    the result at 3:00pm?????.i was little bit tensed bt I have gr8 confidence dat I will get thru written??..the moment I thght my name was announced .and I
    was the 8person among 105 ppl who got thru written???.out of 450 members????.
    The interview was different like for the ppl who got 12 and above they have taken on tha same day??..and for the rest of the ppl they have taken on the other day????First was the tech interview???
    There was a mam in the room she was the person who gave us the ppt in the mrng??..i felt very happy as she was smiling wen I entered the room?..
    I said gud evening mam?
    She said gud evening
    She asked me to take the seat,.,??.I did it,???
    She asked me the 10th,inter and btech %
    I replied?..
    Then asked me to solve some questions frm the paper wich v hav written in d mrng?..
    I did it wid in no time??.
    She was surprised by my method of solving and she asked me how cum u can answer 13 questions correctly?..
    I said I hav practiced the r.s,agarwal for 5 to 6 times??.
    She was surprised???
    Then she asked me abt my family??.
    I replied???
    She was inspired wen I said dat my father is frm railways??..
    She asked me wats ur aim??..
    I replied that I want to get in to a company wer I can prove my self and I want  to built a beautiful house and c my parents in dat home??..
    I replied at last that I want to make my parents happy?..
    That?s my life time aim???
    She gave a cute smile????..
    There was no tech for me????.
    She asked me to wi8 out side there will b an hr for u???

    Then I wi8ed out side??After 15,mins they called me in???.

    I asked may I cum in sir??.with smile on my face
    There r two ppl inside the cabin???They said cum in
    Then after entering in I said gud evening sir for both of them,,,,,,,,,
    They also said gud evening with smile on both of there faces??.
    The questions wich wer asked for me in tech wer asked in hr?
    He said so u r ranjeetha ri8.i replied yes sir??..
    Then wat is this ranga?
    I said sir that?s my surname ???.
    Then he gave a smile,,,,,,,,,,,,
    As I was frm ece back ground I have only c in my resume,,,
    The hr asked me y u dnt have any other languages?
    I replied sir as my college is far frm my home I dnt have that time to go for classes.
    But recently I have replied that sir recently I have written bhavishya vani of NIIT wich was held couple of weeks back.i got a scholar ship of 20000rs?..iam gng to join for all the courses in month of December???.
    He replied gud????.
    Then he asked me r u ready to sign for the bond of 2yrs???.
    I replied yes sir with nice smile on my face,,,,,,,,,,,,
    He also smiled and said nice talking to u ranjeetha???
    Then the result was on the other day as there wer many ppl for interview????..

    The results wer announced on the nxt day at abt 7:00pm????.Mine was the 2nd name to be announced????.I felt very happy????tanq god???..and I got in to this just by blessings frm my parents??..so guys never loose hope on urself?s?????all the best??..c u there at igate ?????..bye take care????


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