IGate  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Rajalakshmi Engg College,Chennai-5 Oct 2007

IGate  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Rajalakshmi Engg College,Chennai-5 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends,
    I'm Suresh M,doing my final ECE in Rajalakshmi Engg College & got placed in i-Gate global solutions on 6th oct 2007 thru the campus drive in our coll.
    i-Gate has revised its recruitment procedure:
    * Aps     (15 Qestions to be answered in 30 min,cut off ranges from 8 or 9, no options & no rough sheet to do calculations)
    * Tech    (Non IT probably from C,C++,Area of  interest of your choice in resume,basics of resp dept subjects,Simple programs............
     IT its purely on their dept subjects and programming skills..............)
    *HR       (Be cool and confident in your answers.....ensure eye contact......bear a smile on your face.......even if not sure of any answer,try to give an attempt.....) 
    Around 800 took part in the campus drive program from 8 different colleges,from which 90 were shortlisted candidates.

    Few questions that i remember are
    *If 100 meters long ribbon is cut into 1meter of length in 1 min,then how along wil it take to cut the entire length(Ans 99min)
    *If one fifth of boys are running in a circular path behind arun& 5 /6 th in front of him,then how many where running.(Ans 30)data not sure.
    *If 2 trains starting at two different points,in opp directions say banglore & chennai stations,then if train from banglore travels at 60 kmph and chennai train travel  at 40kmph,when both the trains meet each other at the time of meeting,the trains will be nearer to which station banglore or chennai (Ans chennai)
    *Cow can graze a portion of grass land ,(dont remember the data Ans 140 cows)
    *Population after 2 years at 20% per annum with p value given(say 2,50,000)(Ans 3,00,000)
    *Logic boolean function check which is wrong
    *Sides of triangle is in 4:3:2,then find the smallest angle(Ans 40)
    *Similar types of questions,just go thru the short cut methods and refer RS Aggarwal concepts,more than enough.Dont try to copy bcos you have the possibilty of being questioned on those answers in furthur round.
    Tech 48 were shortlisted in this round.
    *Just read the topics related to your dept thoroughly,about projects,accept if you dont know the ans to a question,but dont repeat it again and again.Try to give an attempt.

    41 were placed
    *HR people were to cool,they made me enjoy the moment,they were trying to be strict,so that they wud check our level of confidence,tolerence that we hav in us
    *Also communication skills matters
    Around 6.00 in the evening on 6th oct ,they announced the results,luckily with god's grace my name was there along with my friends.Thanks to all who helped me and my friends to get placed,see u there in i-Gate.

    with regards
    Suresh M 

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