IGate  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -18 Nov 2006

IGate  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -18 Nov 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    iGATE paper conducted on 18 th November,2006 in Walkin. 2 sets were there in each batch white and yellow. White one easier than yellow. 15 questions in 30 mins. I got white and questions are:-


    1. It was based on hour and minute hand. If the diff. between hour and minute hand is 6 minute then after how much time the diff. will be 7 min. It was quite tricky.
    2. If 6 weights and one pan is given then what are the weights exactly to measure 1-364 candies.
    3. Divide 170 in 3 parts such a way that first part is 10 more than second part.
    4. There is a 4 digit no. in which 3rd digit is twice of first one. Second digit is the sum of first and third. Fourth digit is twice of third. What is the no.?
    5. A circle is touched by 34 tangents then what is the total no. of unclosed regions?
    6. A room having floor dimension of 48 feet by 24 feet has cross diagonal length of 54 feet. What is the height of the room?
    7. One year ago pandit was 3 times older than a girl and after one year he is 2 times older than the girl. What is the age of pandit after 5 years.
    8. A brick weighs 4kg. How many bricks will be formed by reducing its dimension to one-fourth?
    9. In a family every child have 3 brother and 3 sister, then how many children are all there?
    10. A dog says that there are 2 dogs in front of him, other dog says that there 2 dogs behind him. How many dogs are all there?
    11. In a telephone exchange if area code is of three digits, then how area codes are possible for that exchange from a-z alphabets only?
    12. If a girl has 10z more chocolates then she will have 5y+1 times chocolates than she originally had. Find the no. of chocolates the girl had originally in terms of y and z.
    13. One question I don remember, Its answer was 93 and rest 2 I don remember.


    In my batch out of 500 hundred 40 were selected for GD from cutoff of about 12(I guess) with no negative marking.

    Subodh Kumar

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