Ibexi  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IIIT Bangalore-24 Jul 2010

Ibexi  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IIIT Bangalore-24 Jul 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Here i am sharing something about selection procedure of Ibexi solutions.

    There are three round.
    1) Written
    2) Technical round -1 &HR
    3) Technical round -2 (Sometimes only for few people)
    Written exam consists of following sections.
    1) Aptitude
    2) Technical
    3) Paragraph reading and analysis (Something related to insurance)
    Coming to aptitude section questions are of following models.
    * Time and work:  I think 2 questions
    * Time and distance: 2 questions
    * Probability: I guess 1 questions
    * Ratio and proportion: 2 questions
    * Trains: 2 quesitons
    * Percentages
    * Profit and loss
    5 questions are about ven diagrams
    Arithmetic section is easy, R.S Aggarwal is sufficient

    Technical wirtten

    We are given 20 choose the best answers in this section. This is not an easy section. We can't get answers directly to these question anywhere between 7-10 marks is a good score questions are based on using final, finally, static keywords.
    Also some questions are based on like calling an instance method from a static method and vice versa.
    * Programing written

    We are give two programs each. We need to write in Java
    There are four different sets for this section.

    Eg: Write a program to illustrate the use of abstract class and interfaces
    sort the array
    Print the give date in words
    Paragraph Reading and analysis.

    We will be given a sheet that has two passages regarding insurance. Some kind of values will be provided there. We need to analise the data and answer the questions give in that section.

    Later we have come to know that they have not considered this section for cut-off. This is just to know how good you are in understanding insurance domain as their work entirely focus on insurance products
    We need not worry about this section.

    Technical Interview

    This is a bit tough. They have asked in depth concepts regarding RDBMS and sql queries, mostly join.

    They have asked about many concepts in Java.
    They give some code and ask the output.
    They may ask you a puzzle.

    The technical interview is generally focused on their requirements they have specified during preplacement talk. For us they have said they are looking for few people to work on BI and Java. So the Technical round is focused on Java and RDBMS, sql.

    All the best!

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