I-flex  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   S.A. Engineering College-2 Apr 2007

I-flex  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   S.A. Engineering College-2 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I attended "i-flex solutions ltd." off-campus interview on the 2nd of April 2007 

    Round 1: Aptitude Test
    Round 2: Technical (Personal Interview)
    Round 3: Human resourse (Personal Interview)

    Apptitude test

    Technical interview was on 2nd April 2007

    The paper is not so tough........... So there's no need to worry. The questions are not so complex!
    They are direct and easily approachable.

    Total Questions  = 50 qs.
    Total Time given = 60 mins.

    Mark Distribution: All questions carry 1 mark.
    Correct Answers = +1 mark
    Wrong Answers = -0.25 marks

    The paper is divided into 5 sections of 10 questions each.
    Analytical reasoning, logical reasoning and Data Interpretations were the questions there. Questions on english language skills were more. 
    Puzzles were not asked.

    I don't remember all the questions, Some of them are given below.

    1-4. Find the pair which suits the best.  
    One of which i remember, I've given below 
    Q. Circuitous: Route
    a. dumbfound: Astonishment
    b. problem: solution  and so on

    5-8. Choose the best pair:
    Here a sentence was given with two blank spaces. We have to find the best pair which fits into the sentence.

    10-15. comprehension questions were asked
    15-20. Data interpretation
    21. A reasoning question was asked
    22-24. A sentence was given, and one from a set of 4 solutions was asked to be opted, which gives the best solution or gives the correct meaning of the paragraph.
    25-30. Data interpretation

    Here a table was given, and in it few data were missing. Keeping all other information in mind, we were asked to choose the correct answer for the given questions.( Not so tough )
    30-35. Another data interpretation question was asked.

    Here the questions were easy. Be sure of the table given, because at first in tension I did not see the term 'total' below, so i considered it also to be a data and took it into calculation. Later i found that one out. But it was a waste of time. Even a single second counts!!!!

    35-40.Verbal Reasoning questions were asked
    This included questions like this. Some of which i remember are given below.
    Q. All yyyy were swimmers;
    All swimmers wear swim suits;
    Sally wears swim suit;
    a. Sally does not know swimming
    b. Sally is a swimmer
    c. Sally is a yyyy
    d. Data insufficient

    Q. Data coding was asked.
    eg. if PRATAP can be coded as 736467 and MILAN was coded as 98561, how can PLANT be coded? (This was not the question, but the type is the same) 

    40-50. Only Analytical Questions

    Some of them are:
    Q1. The square of a two digit number is divided by half the number, and 36 is added to the quotient. The sum is then divided by 2. The digits of the resulting number are the same as the number, but inreverse order. The digits in the tens place of the original number is twice the difference between the digits.which of the following could be the number?
    a.64     b.36     c. 46    d. None of these

    Q2. If a boat moves upstream  with the speed of the boat as X and the speed of the stream is Y, what is the time taken by the boat to go upstream a distance of 90 kms and come back? (I'm not sure of the values of the speed of boat and stream ie., I dont remember the value of X and Y).

    Q3. Auestion on sensex was asked.

    I dont remember the rest of the questions!

    Tips to attend effeciently:
    1. Start-off with a word of prayer (This will increase the confidence level for sure)
    2. Start attending questions of English Language skills and then logical or analytical reasoning.(This will accelerate your speed of problem as they would be easier. You can feel it!).

    3. First read the question which you are going to attend fully. Don't write down the given data before reading the question fully. This is because, most of them would be easier than you think they are to be! The last portion of the question may have a hint to solve the question directly. For example see Q1 in "40 - 50" .

    4. When you feel a question is tough (even if they are not, but if you feel just on seeing ) move on to the next question. Don't waste time in a single question. THIS THE MISTAKE ALMOST EVERYONE WOULD DO. ( It may be even you! )

    5. Don't hesitate to take risks. Even that counts! But be atleast 60% sure about it.

    6. Attend atleast 40 - 45 questions. Don't go more than that. This would show that you are too confident on things which are not correct. These are for questions which have a chance of below 40% for being correct. Or it would show that you have copied or made a guess!

    7. Look at your watch occasionally to be sure that you are not going beyond time for certain number of questions.

    Frequent time-watching would increae tension level. So be careful.
    8. Please don't try to attempt any mal-practice. There are different codes of question papers (even choices may differ). Further the i-flex officials will be on rounds. This is for sure. They caught about 36 students for copying in our center. This may lead to consequences even upto disqualification for ever (in case if you would like to attend i-flex again).

    9. Ifyou have time left out go for the questions you were doubtful and not for the questions that you did not get answer.(But there will not be time for that. Fortunately I had about 20 seconds left before handing over the paper)

    10. Finally when you close your paper, finish it with a word of prayer.

    My Experience:
    I started with prayer. This boosted my confidence level. Then I started the question in English section. This increased my speed and gave me enough time to attend the other questions. I left questions which were longer the first time and came back for them later. Those questions which I thought to be difficult , I did not even read them fully.  "A WISE CORRECTS HIMSELF FROM OTHERS MISTAKES"

    Be careful that you don't make such mistakes.

    Personal Interviews: Technical Interview:
    1. Questions were from one programming language (For non-IT and non-CSE students it will be C or what you have mentioned in your Resume).
    2. Then questions from that branch or department will be asked (would be almost from the basics).
    3. Also sometimes your strengths or field of interests would be asked (From your subjects).

    Human Resourse:
    1. Questions will be general as you have a technical round before it. Questions will be as * About yourself *Why do you wish to enter banking or IT field* Future plans* Why should I hire you* Why do you wish to become an engineer* What do you expect from i-flex*What do you like in yourself
    2. Questions from your resume will be asked. You will be asked to explain the objective or aim that you have written in the Resume.

    I with my friends were waiting from 7.30AM. We were called at 7.30PM for the first interview and then at 8.30 for the next interview. We were waiting for the results until 11.00PM. Then they came out and they read out the results.

    By God's abundant, bountiful and extravagant grace, I got thru!!!

    We were four friends there. And all of us got through! The most heart-pumping moment was when they announced the results. One by one of us were called at constant intervals.   .waiting for the Offer Letter!!!!

    Well for you who see this, take care not to miss the chance of getting thru  if you have cleared the aptitude test.

    All The Best. Let God Be With You.

    Jesus Loves You!
    Jeevit Davidson S

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