I-flex  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CEC College, Mohali-10 May 2007

I-flex  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CEC College, Mohali-10 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends...

     I am swapan... I recently got placed in i-flex solutions....The recruitment was held for 2008 batch on 10th n 11th of may 07 in cec in mohali n around 15 colleges were invited n GNE was one among them. 

    There were 3 rounds:-
    1)Written test:-
    the test consisted of 5 sections(+1 mark for each right answer and -0.25 for each wrong answer) duration was for one hour and total 6 sets were there and my set was 2nd....n total marks was 50.

    1st section: English
    small passage was given nd we need to select a sentence to represent the meaning of the passage, fill in the blanks with appropriate words, synonyms,etc... 

    2nd section: Data Interpretation
    3rd section: LR(logical Reasoning)
    4th section: Puzzle test/coding-encoding blood relations,missing the no.'s problem,etc..
    5th section:Quantitive maths questions from age problems,speed and distance,trains n boats problem

    only 200 students cleared the written test...among 1000

    2) Technical interview:-
    questions from oracle like nvl function,basic queries...
    foxpro(becoz i have mentioned it in resume)
    html basics like creation of forms, some tags
    what is SDLC(system development life cycle)
    data structures- hashing techniques...
    it was a little bit tough round.... the interviewer was very helpful...

    after the tech. interview of 45 min.. he said that you have gone cleared the tech round and now u r going for the hr interview.... 

    3)HR interview:
    questions from my background family, why we hire u?,where u'll stand in the future,some g.k. questions like...who is the CM of punjab,editor of the tribune,what are ur hobbies..... at last he said that u have done the diploma .. i said yes sir... okay now write some formulas for derivative,integration.. i wrote some of them....

    at last he said ok you can go now.. nice to meet you..best of luck... on the next day the final result was declared and 75 students were selected nd i was one of them...

    Bye, best of luck.
    Swapandeep Singh

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