I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Panimalar University-16 Jun 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Panimalar University-16 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hey everyone! I?m from ETCE dept., Sathyabama University. Iflex visited Panimalar University for our Campus Placements on 16th June, 2008. A total of 1300 students sat for the aptitude test.
    The campus paper consisted of:-
    1.Aptitude Test
    2.Technical interview
    3.HR interview

    Aptitude Test:
    The test consisted of 60 questions to be solved in 1hour. There is negative marking for all wrongly answered questions. The negative marks for each question were different. You won?t get any idea about any of the marks or the negative marks. Just focus on solving the paper and marking the right answers. It consisted of two parts. Logical reasoning and verbal. The answer sheet was an OMR where we had to darken the appropriate circle in ink. The disadvantage of an OMR is that an answer once marked cannot be changed. You need a minimum of 50% in both sections. That was the cut off. So think before you answer!  
    The questions were very easy. Anyone with a good hold over English and a general idea about reasoning can easily crack the test. R.S. Aggarwal quantitative aptitude and verbal, non verbal are more than sufficient. That?s all that I did.
    Some of the questions were on words coding, problems on ages, trains, probability, time and work, speed and distance, calendars etc... English was very easy. Do plenty of logical reasoning.
    Out of 1300 candidates only 61 cleared the written test. I was one of them.

    Technical Interview:
    I had my technical interview the day after the test. Some had it the same day. I had to wait till 4:30 in the afternoon. We were to fill up a form that was given to us. The questions that were asked were:-
    ?Introduce yourself.?
    ?Tell me what you did in your training.?
    ?What is Broadband??
    ?What are the types of internet connections??
    ?I have a broadband and I have a telephone. Do I need a modem??
    ?What is a compiler??
    ?Can I compile two programs at the same time?? (Ans: yes)
     ?What is a Break Statement in C??
    ?What is nested if??
    ?Up to how many times can we nest one if in another?? (Ans: infinite)
    ?What is a recursive function??
    ?Can I send arguments to main??
    ?From any where in the program, how do I completely exit the program?? (Ans: return statement)
    ?What is optical fiber??
    ?What is the advantage of optical fiber over other cables??
    ?Write a program to swap two numbers using no temp variable or any other swapping function.?
    ?What is null statement??
    ?Write a program to find the greatest of three numbers?
    ?Do you have any questions to ask??

    Some of my friends were asked- many aptitude questions, questions on mobile communications, general knowledge. (DBMS, SQL for IT and CSE students)
    My interview lasted for more that 25 minutes. In the end he was satisfied with my performance. He tried a lot to ask me something from communication. I just said that I had focused my attention on c, c++, microprocessors. In the end he told me that being a communication student I must be thorough in my core subjects. Then he told me to wait outside and that I will be called for HR.
    Out of 61 only 27 made it to the HR round.

    HR Interview:
    ?Tell me about your family background?
    ?Why do you have such less marks in 10th, 12th and U.G?? (I had around 60 to 70%)
    ?Why did you choose IT??
    ?Then why did you choose ETCE??
    ?Tell me your career objective as is given in your CV?
    ?If A and B start from a point at 25kmph and 20 kmph respectively. Finish line is 100km away. Obviously A reaches the finish first. There is a devil at the finish that will eat up anyone who is at the finish alone. Thus A returns back meets B and comes back to the finish. Since A is still faster he reaches the finish alone again and goes backward meets B again and so on. How much distance does A travel more than B, until both A and B are at the finish at the same time??

    Some of my friends were asked- ?I have 3 bulbs in one room and 3 switches in another room. How do I find out which switch is for which bulb in just one attempt??

    In the end, after about 15 minutes, he asked me to submit the Xerox of my ID card and my mark sheets. He saw it and asked why I had a year?s gap in between schooling and U.G. I thanked him and awaited my results. Results were announced 2 hours later. Out of 27, 24 were selected and 18 of them were from my college. My name was in the list. I was the happiest person in the world!

    Only hard work and commitment can get you through. So work hard and be confident. Don?t worry if the answers you give are right or wrong, just speak clearly and if you don?t know the answer then say so politely.

    May the Lords Blessings be with you always!

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