I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-9 Jun 2007

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-9 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends  i am Sandeep. i did my B.Tech in electronics and communication engineering. i attended i-flex written test on 9th june 2007 .

    The  recruitment consists of the following
      1. written test
      2. technical -1
      3. technical-2
      4. HR.

    written test  consists of 50 questions in 60 minutes.time is an important factor.

    english  2-3  passages(they r easy)-10 questions
    antomnys,synomnys,and 5 questions on logic like

    1. all cats are dogs
    2. all dogs are hens

    conclusion: all cats are hens..

    data interpretation -easy but time consuming..(5 questions)  find th next element of the series.(3-5 questions) how alphabets in english give  mirror images same as them..1questions

    logical reasoning is very important part . do prepeare well .their are no questions  on boats , simple interest. i mean no aptitutde...

      it consists of manly logical questions ...out of 700  only 80-90 were qualified for the technical section...the cutoff will be based on the paper its between 26-30.. their is negative marking so be careful.. .25 marks fro each wrong answer...

    Technical -1.

    we were given a form and asked to fill th e form.then the interview started.

    int: hi . can u tel me abt ur self.
    me: i told abt my education rite from school, abt my parents.
    int : why u want to join IT industry as u r from Electronics .
    me:  it?s a palce were we can find a  rapid growth  than other  fields? ??.
    Int : wat is friction.
    Me; gave a definition.
    Int:   advantages and disadvantages of friction..
    Me: told a few.
    Int : tel me newtons laws laws of motion
    Me: told. He concentrated mainly on the 3rd law.
    Int: write  a program fro swaping two numbers..
    Me : wrote the program.
    Int: r u willing to work in documentation domain..
     Me: I  told yes..as it is also part of IT..

    45 out of 90 wer selected.

     Technical -2
    Int: tel me abt ur self..
    Me ; told th e same here also.
    Int : gave me  a problem on mensuration

    I want  to paint this room with  5 mm thickness paint.. if 1 liter of paint costs .500 rupees. What is amount needed to paint the whole room.. assume ur own dimensions.. and solve the problem..
    Me: I did it and solbed the problem.
    Int: he  gave me a problem on power(p=VI);
    Me; did the problem;
    Int : which is on north of Andhra Pradesh
    Me : Orissa
    Int : wats th e capital of Orissa.
    Me : BHUneshwar:
    Int: president of  Russia.
    Me : putin;;
    He asked only on the basic concepts.
    15 out of 45.. were selected..

    The hr was cool
    Tel me abt ur self..
    Wats r u strengths.- always  give a positive answer.
    How u will prove ur strength?I told I am hardworking. I told abt my project wic is very interesting?..
    He told me the pay.
    I need to work s a trainee for 1 year..
    Do u have any questions.->. u r selected a s a  trainee..
    I was very happy then?..
    I asked where can  I  my training .. place of training?
    Platform of training??

    Finally he  asked me r u willing to working  any particular platform..i told I know java.  He asked r u willing to  work on  oracle ..  I told  u can mould me on ur required platform..

    Finally I asked    when I expect the offer letter..he told we will intimate uu.

     14 OUT OF 15 WERE selected..Till now no one got the offer..

    After 2 months  we ALL  go a  mail from i-flex that  they are unable to provide a suitable position.. ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE?..



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