I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mumbai-30 Jun 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Mumbai-30 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi guys.. I am Audrey, I belong to St. Francis institute of technology, Mumbai.

    We had I-flex solution coming to our college on the 30th of June 2008.It was a pool interview with students of over 7 college coming to our institute n over 350+ students present for the interview.
    The eligibility criteria was 60% with no KT which was later laxed to 55%.
    Anyway 1st we had a ppt about the company?which seemed quite impressive?
    Foll wch we had the aptitude test?we were made to wait over an hour before the aptitude test began?that was mainly to allow students who were unaware of the eligibility criteria to come for the aptitude test.

    The aptitude test was there was 60 min and consisted of two sections
    1) logical and Quantitative (40 ques)
    2) English (20 ques)

    Actually both the test were quite simple?
    For instance:
    1.If a person gets 1.5% commission on every sale he makes. He earns rs.90 what was the total sale he made.
    2.Mr. A travels to office with a speed of 5kmph and comes back at speed of 1kmph.if the total time taken is 6 hrs. what's the dist between his office n his house?
    and many such simple ques based on speed and time, coding, blood relations, profit and loss, data sufficiency
    the English section consisted of fill in the blanks with articles, tenses, chose the  correct sequence, comprehension.

    There is a sectional cutoff and ?ve marking so b careful and mark the ques from each section.
    The aptitude was really simple. Learn time management that?s really important and that?s the part where most students failed.

    After the aptitude and after long hours of waiting only 4 students were selected. And I was 1 among those not selected. Anyway I am not telling this so that ppl get disheartened.
    We all have to learn from our mistakes, and who should know this better than me who has already been rejected from 4 other companies. Still I have no intention of giving up and I suggest to all like me, plz don?t give up?.luck favors the bold, and some day will be our lucky day


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