I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   CEC Landran-23 Mar 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   CEC Landran-23 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    I-FLEX PAPER ON 23th MARCH 2008

    There were around 1500 students from 10-12 colleges who appeared for the test. Out of which only 185 cleared the written exam, and i was one of them.  There were 60 questions to be done in 60 min.(+1 for right answer and -ve marking is not certain depends on question diff rent qustion hae differnt -ve marks). It was different from last time as last time there was 50 q and paper was divided into 5 sections...    

    There were two sections

    1. Quant+Logic(40 questions) 

    This section contained q from blood relations, logical deductions, puzzle test, coding decoding,  age problems etc...  Refer R.S. Aggarwal only The questions were really simple and I managed to do 25 questions in 30min. then i shifted to english section and again then I do my rest of apti questions 

    NOTE: There was sectional cut off also


    2. English(20 questions) 

    This sections was also very easy. It conatined q like antonyms, synonyms, reading comprehension(quite easy), articles, ordering the sentences etc...I managed to do 15-16 q from this sections 


    The written test was quite easy most of the questions were from R.S Aggarwal (quant, verbal and non verbal reasoning) so do prepare the relevent chapters from this book specially the logical part bcoz quant was very easy.


    The questions were very easy so the main catch was the time management. So do manage your time as there was sectional cut off and it will increase your chances of getting in. 


    The test started Around 11:00 A.M the result was announced at 6:00 P.M. and i got selected for the next round of interviews.  Interviews are held on next day ie 24 th march


    There were 2 interviews Technical and HR


    1.Technical Interview 

    I was waiting for my interview on 24th march since morning 8:30 and finally at 7:45 P.M the moment came when i was called for the second(i hv not cleared patni interview) personnel interview of my life.

    The interviewer was very calm and soft spoken person.He asks me what i Know.Mine answer is C.after he is satisfied from C he shifted toDS and thats my weak pt \. But due to C proficiency i Got selected for next interview. Be confident in answering whatever they ask 

    After about half an hour the person came and said that you hve cleared the interview and are seleected for HR interview. My advice is to be simple and truthful. If you dont know anything simply say no to them. If you try to confuse them you are just reducing your chances. 


    2.HR Interview 

    This was about Half an hour and there was lady HR . May be bcoz i am  one of the few last candidate to be interviewed on that day. SHe asked me that why you dont hve any breaks in your study( he was indirectly asking why i hadnt dropped an year and prepeared for iit/jee). Then she asked me whether i have any problems in relocation, my answer was no. She asks 3puzzles of which i gave only 1 answer correctly. Main interview was only Technical. HR was just  formality and Then She asked me for my mark sheets and this ended my HR interview. 


    On 25th march I got the news form my college that i am selected in the 1 out of 5 students who hve cleared the written test from our college.


    So be focused and manage your time properly if you want to clear.Be faithful to yourself. Success Should not go to your mind, failure should not go to your heart that is what i have learnt from my exp.


    Best of Luck.......

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