I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhubaneswar-7 Apr 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhubaneswar-7 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi, i am  AMITESH KUMAR  pursuing B-Tech from Krupajal engineering college, Bhubaneswar ... I wrote i-flex paper on 7th April, 2008.It was a pool campus in College of engg, bbsr. Where more than 12 colleges participated and more than 2700 students appeared, out of which 227 cleared written and finally 65 of them made it to i-flex. There were 60 questions to be done in 60 minutes.(+1 for right answer and -0.25 for wrong answer).

    There was sectional cut-off so plzz b careful.

    Written paper was divided into 2 sections:
    1) Quant and Logical reasoning (40 questions)

    Comprising near about 75% questions from logical reasoning.

    The questions were from : deductions (e.g.: All dogs are pigs. All pigs are cats), coding-decoding, series completion (very easy), some 3-d figures were given and were asked to find how it looks from sideways, sitting arrangements (Just go through verbal & non-verbal reasoning by R.S.AGARWAL)

    Trains & boats (3 quest), profit & loss (2 quest), simple problems on percentage, age problems, time and distance.(friends just go through quant aptitude by R.S.AGARWAL. it?s more than enough) 

    2) English usages (20 quests)

    It was the easiest section of the paper. Just have command on articles (a, an, the) (go through wren& martin), sentence jumbled, comprehension, simple grammar in fill in the blanks form (it?s very easy).  

    N.B: Friends from previous candidate?s experience 1 cannot say what the cut-off can be. So to be on safe side at least try 2 attempt in between  40-50 questions. one more thing I want 2 tell that during written test rough sheets r provided  which shows the pains that u took 2 overcome the test. I attempted near about 50 questions and the results were out at 3:30 P.M and I was through for the next round along with my 26 other college mates.  

     I was really shocked when the delegates informed that the technical & round would b taken on the same day. I was not 100% ready for that because I read from the fresher world that the tech/HR rounds r held next day.

    So b ready 2 face the next rounds on the same day. 

    My technical round took place at night near about 10:45 P.M. 
    I was asked about my favorite Subject and I answered SQL. Since IFLEX has around 83% shares owned by ORACLE CORPORATION, the interviewer took interest in me and asked around 8 questions. 

    After 15 min. I was informed that I had cleared technical round and was informed to be ready for HR round shortly the same day.

    HR round commenced at around 11:45 P.M.

    Friends I think u wont expect the 1st question of ur HR like I faced.
    1) How many questions u cheated during written test?
    Me: sir, to be honest I cheated 2 to 3 questions.
    Friends just b honest it wont give ?ve impression.
    2) How was your day?
    Me: fine sir.
    3) How?
    Me: I had done well in written test and was confident that I would be through and few minutes ago I had a great technical round.
    4) What do u know abt iflex?
    Me: answered.
    5) y do u want 2 join I flex?
    Me: bcoz it is employee friendly.
    6)what is the latest news abt iflex?
    Me:  iflex solutions to change its name to ORACLE FINANCIAL SERVICES.
    7)if u get an offer frm oracle corporation and another frm oracle financial services which 1 u would like 2 join?
    Me : I told O.F.S will be a perfect platform to start my career With.
    8)asked about my family background
    9)why did u choose engg. and not some other profession?
    10)verified my certificates and asked me 2 leave. 

    my HR ROUND concluded at around 12:20 night and I was confident to clear HR round as well.
    Results were announced on 9th April 2008 and 8 out of 27 students students frm my college got selected and I was 1 among the 8 students.
    Total 65 students were selected out of 227 students who cleared the written test.

    Friends donot go by the above stats. and null your chances?.just have confidence tht out of whatever number of students r selected u need just  a single seat to be an iflexian. 

    Last but not least,I whole-heartedly thank fresher world and those people who contributed and shared their experiences, which was very useful 4 me.

    ALL THE BEST???.  

    SEE U AT I-FLEX???.


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