I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Alwar-13 Mar 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Alwar-13 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, Friends. Recently I?ve attended pool campus placement of I-Flex at LIET, Alwar. I want to share my experience with you. I-Flex has monopoly in Banking & is majority owned by Oracle Corporation. It?s a very good company so go for it.
    Total students- around 3000
    Total colleges- around 80
    Aptitude cleared- 145
    Finally selected- 53

    It was a 3 day process (13th -15th  march).On the very 1st day, apt was conducted & students are divided into 4 batches. There were interviews on other 2 days.

    There were 2 sections in all. 40 ques of maths & 20 ques of English (total=60).It was 60 min test. The apt was very easy. I don?t know exact questions but still their type.

    MATHS SECTION (40 Q)        
    1) 4 Q on coding-decoding.
    2) 2 Q on alphabetic series
    3) 2 Q on number series
    4) 4 Q on age
    5) 4 Q on statement-conclusion.
    6) 2 Q on calender.
    7) 3 Q on picture series.
    8) 2 Q on DI.
    9) 2 Q on critical reasoning
    10) 3 Q on logical equivalent statements.
    11) 2 Q on time & distance.
    12) 4 Q on %age.
    13) 4 Q on area (circle rectangle).
    14) 2 Q on  odd man out( 4 options & 3 r identical u hv to identify   odd one)

    1)  A paragraph was given.5 Q were there. No need to go thru. It was very easy.
    2)  4 Q on filling prepositions in fill in the blanks.
    3)  1 Q on analogy
    4)  4 Q on jumbled statements.( 4 statements r given u hv to order them).
    5)  1 Q on tenses to fill in fill in the blanks.
    6)  5 Q on antonyms & synonyms in the form of fill in the blanks.

    They told us there is ?ve marking but how much they didn?t tell us.
    My advice is to attempt only right ans not go for guessing bcoz they can adopt the method of right/wrong ratio also. Proper time management should be there & u will find everything is fine.

    I.  Technical
    II. HR

    Int:-Tell me abt ur self ?
    Int:-What?s ur project?
    Me:-explained each & everything.
    He asked many ques from the coding of the project.
    Int:-What is ur fav. Subject?
    Me:-I said C.
    Int:-Tell some other sub?
    Me:-I said DBMS.
    Int:-Do you know SQL?
    Me:-I said  yes sir (confidently)
    Int:-Do you know PL/SQL?
    Int:-What is PL/SQL?
    Int:-What type of programs u have done in PL/SQL?
    Int:-He had given me some ques to write in PL/SQL
    Me:-explained the logic & done it.
    Int:-Given a ques.What will be the o/p?
    Static int var=5;
    Me:-4 3 2 1
    Int:-Given a ques to design tables for bank
    Me:-little bit difficult but tried my best.
    Int:-What is your CET rank?
    Int:-Out of?
    Me:-around 25000.
    Int:-Would u like to ask any ques?
    Me:-What will be my job profile?
    Int:-as a developer.
    Me:-Ok sir.
    Int:-Nice to meet u?
    Me:-get a handshake & said thank u sir.

    After 4 or 5 min I was called for HR. My HR was the event leader of the team. He has a very impressive personality. My  interview is very smooth.
    I really got the advantage of his experience.
    Int:-So u r Bhuwan
    Me:-Yes sir
    Int:-What does it mean?
    Me:-sir, it means ?world?.
    Int:-I?ve listened this name earlier also. Can u guess?
    Me:-Lagaan (with smile on face).
    Int:-Do you know who the motivating leader in the movie is?
    Me:-answered Aamir Khan.
    Int:-How many times u watched the film?
    Me:-2 times sir.
    Int:-Then tell me what moral u get from the story ?
    Me:-blah blah blah??.
    Int:-Give your documents. Have you ever got backlog?
    Me:-never sir.
    Int:-Good. But wt will u do if u got in next sem?
    Me:- blah blah blah??.
    Int:-Tell me about your latest accomplishment?
    Me:- I am a university rank holder sir.
    Int:-Wt rank u have got?
    Me:- 11th rank
    Int:-Out of?
    Me:- I think out of 10,000.
    Int:-What do u know about I-Flex?
    Me:- blah blah blah??.
    Int:-Tell me about a good thing that u realized in I-Flex?
    Me:- blah blah blah??.
    Int:-What should we hire u?
    Me:- blah blah blah??.
    Int:-How do u feel when u r not selected?
    Me:- I feel very bad sir & try my best next time.              
    Int:-Tell me about your greatest strength?
    Me:- deligency sir.
    Int:-r u relocatable?
    Me:- Ya sir.
    Int:-Where do u want to go?
    Me:- Banglore sir.
    Me:- explained.
    Int:-Would u like to ask any ques?
    Me:-What will be the training period & what will be my day to day responsibilities?
    Int-Ur selection process is over now u can leave?
    Me:-sir, is there no need to wait for the results?
    Int:-No need to wait & enjoy the Saturday.

    My interview process get completed at around 10 pm. But we all friends waited for the results. They declared the result on next day evening at 6.30 pm. I was really happy to see my name on the list. We all 4 friends selected.

    Finally, I would like to thank to all who encouraged & motivated me & specially to LIETians( Anuj, Rahul, Sanjay, Shekhar & all volunteers). They all supported us when  we are alone. We r strangers for them but still helped like their dear-ones. These kind of people r very rare & want to salute them.

    At last, I want to tell u that friends don?t get desperate if u not selected yet.

    The day on which your friends r selected & u not was their day. When your day will come, u will also get selected. So, don?t get demoralized & be optimistic.

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