I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Alahabad-2 Apr 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   Alahabad-2 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi everyone??.I am  from United College of Engineering & Research , Allahabad???I-Flex solutions? visited my college on 2 ? 3rd april?..The selection procedure involved following 3 rounds??
    1.Written test
    2.Technical interview
    3.HR interview

    Criteria :
    No gap more than one year??
    Triple 60%.........
    No running backlogs??.

    This was a pool campus?..about 1200 students appeared  in the written test?..out of them 135 qualified the written test??.among them about 50 students qualified the technical test??..and among them 35 student were finally selected??out of them 18 were from my college??and I was one among them????.

    Now I m going to discuss about each step one by one??..

    Written test
    Written test consisted of two sections??
    Section 1 -  Logic and Quant (40 questions)
    Section 2 ? English (20 questions)

    First section covered the following topics ?
    Blood Relations
    Simple  and  Compound  interest
    Ratio (mixtures)
    Problem on trains
    Refer both R.S. Agrawal Quant and Aptitude  for this ??..

    Second section ?

    1 Passage was there?..and 5 questions based on it?..very simple??just read the questions?..and search for the keywords in the para and you will get the answer??.. Do practice for prepositions and articles????..

    Instructions :
    +1 for correct answers??..
    There was negative marking but they didn?t disclosed it ?.there may be different ?ve marking for different questions???.
    I attempted about 55 questions???.never tick the fluke answers?????.

    Technical Interview :
    This was the main elimination round????after written test we filled a form where we have to mention about the programming languages that we have studied so far??..Operating systems and our achievements???there was one person in each panel??(6 panels were there??)
    Interviewer was very friendly??he asked me some questions on GK???some questions on DBMS (this is my area of interest??.). interview continued for about 30 minutes???.
    Instructions :
    Be confident??make eye contact??and prepare the basics of your technical skills????

    HR interview  :
    HR round was just formality ?..if you have cleared the technical round ??you are 90 % selected???.a lady HR took my interview??she was very friendly??and asked some common questions??..

    So guys??be cool??.confident?..and leave rest to God?..

    ALL THE BEST  !!!!!!

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