I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   -18 Jul 2008

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Other   -18 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I appeared for placement of I-flex at my college placement. Around 230 appeared for aptitude test and 50 were sort listed for technical interview. Then after technical interview they send 46 students for HR interview and finally 41 were selected after HR .
    Apptitude:230 appeared 50 selected
    Technical:50 appeared 46 selected
    Hr:46 appeared 41 selected
    Total 9 rejections.

    Test basically consisted of Logical reasoning and English.
    Logical reasoning:40 Questions.
    English:20 questions. 
    There were total 60 questions in 60 min. -ve marking and sectional cutoff was there negative marking was unevenly distributed. I attempted around 25 question in logical reasoning in one go then I switched to English and I attempted around 12 question English section was quite easy there one Rc which was very very simple and simple question on para jumble, fill in the blanks with appropriate tenses, verb, articles, simple synonym and antonym. Logical reasoning was also simple all question were R S aggrawal type just go through relevant chapters from R S aggrawal for this section.

    Chapters from R S aggrawal:
    Time and work
    Chain rule
    Profit and loss
    Age problems
    Figure sequence
    Number series
    Puzzle from (R S aggrawal verbal and non verbal)
    Questions are really simple just maintain accuracy and speed and u will definetely crack appti test. 
    I attempted around 45 questions in all and only marked those question for which I was sure. Our test started around 10:30 am and result declared around 1:30pm and I was happy to here my name from list. Then we were provided with form and it has to be submitted with all photocopy mark sheets. My tern for technical interview came around 5:00 pm and I was quite confident for it.

    Some of the questions they asked me are:
    tell something about your self?
    what are languages u learnt in your course?
    whether u read some technical magazines?
    Then some question on projects done and some about future projects?
    What are Libraries and how they are linked?
    What are Joins in sql?
    Some questions on ASP?
    What is client side and server side programming? 

    Then Result for technical round came around 7:00 pm and  i was glad to hear that I was selected for hr round.
    Our Hr took place next day. 
    some of the questions they asked me are:
    Tell something about your self?
    Ur family background?
    Asked about schooling?
    Latest technology? 
    This was my 6th company and i was not selected in those company I was completely depressed but finally I cleared I-flex and get selected. So do not loose heart your day will definitely come. Then interviewer asked me that if u have any question and interview ended... finally around 12:00 pm our fianl list of selected student was announced and I was glad hear my name form the list........So friends it is not difficult just have faith in god and your self and be confident that's it.

    Best of luck..
    See u in I-flex 


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